Posted by: forfreedomalone | 07/10/2015

Permission to Enter

Just recently I was visiting an outdoor museum.
There were many buildings which had been saved and restored. It was possible to visit them a see what the insides had looked like in the 1920s or 50s or whichever era they belonged to.

There was one building we were able to look at which was yet to be restored. It was positioned in a slightly sheltered area where warmer air gathered and the pigeons found it the perfect home.
They were on the roof and inside. It was a dreadful mess. It was quite hard to imagine that it would ever look anything like the other buildings in the area.

Of course, this was a shell of a building and no one lived there any more so the restorers could do what they wanted when they wanted. With us, our lives and hearts, it is slightly different as someone still lives in the building.

When Jesus died he took care of all that mess on the outside. He took care of he pigeons. He did so for everyone. Every single person who has lived since Adam, and every single on who will live until the end of time. It was a one time clean up.
In this case the pigeons and their mess are called sin.

But once the pigeons have been driven away, the inside needs cleaning. It is somewhat pointless otherwise. This requires the expert cleaner to be invited inside to do his job.

If the house were empty he could just do as he pleased, but as the house is occupied, by you and me, he cannot. He needs permission to enter.
If the house (our hearts) were empty his work of cleaning would also be somewhat pointless. People are not like houses in a museum.

When invited, he will begin a clean up job on the mess on the inside of the building (us); but he cannot and will not enter without permission.

Do not be deceived by conmen.
If you want a life which is better than you have, if you need to be free of something which is holding you, if you need cleaning up on the inside, the work Jesus did on the Cross is NOT enough.
He needs to bring the resurrection life into you and he can ONLY do this with your permission.

He needs your permission for every mess you are holding on to, every mucky room you have sealed up. Do not be deceived into thinking you have no part to play in this.
Post Cross, you are as much a part of this process as Jesus is.


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