Posted by: forfreedomalone | 02/11/2015

Just do it.

In the modern age of instant everything, we want pleasure now and suffering not at all.
We sheild our children from the hard realities of life and we meet their every wish at the expense of our own.

If we read our Bibles carefully we will see that God has never done this with his children.
He has not stepped in every time we want something and cannot afford it. Every time we get ourselves into difficulties he does not ride in on a charger and fix it for us.
He will NEVER leave us and he will NEVER forsake us, but he is in the business of creating disciples, not dependants.

He teaches us how to deal with situations, how to handle trouble, how to ride the storm, how to fight for our own dreams and not to sit waiting for another handout.

Jesus sent his disciples out to feed the hungry, heal the sick and take care of the poor. He gave them the power to do these things and sent them off. They knew HOW to use this power because they have been watching him use it for years. They had been practicing and they are ready to stand on their own two feet.

Did he leave them alone to get one with it?
No. It was his spirit and his power they had with them, but they were not allowed to call on him to intervene every time.

We need to train our children to do the same. We need to be trained by God to be the same.

Stop crying for a bail out in every situation that is trying.
Stop bleating for help all the time and use the power you have.
Stop walking in little faith and put the faith and power you have to work. You will be surprised at what happens.


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