Posted by: forfreedomalone | 04/11/2015

Whose work is finished?

One of the most misused and misunderstood terms in the church today is “the finished work of Jesus”.

In all circumstances we are told to look to “the finished work”. If we need something we are told we will obtain it through “the finished work”. If we are suffering in any way, our peace, healing, finances will be restored through “the finished work of Jesus”.

But what does that mean?

There seems to be a grey area of confusion covering what was finished, who finished it and where that leaves us.
There are Christians all over the world suffering in many ways who are looking at the Cross and saying “If you finished it all there, why am I here?”.
“I need money, healing, peace and I am looking to you to provided it, but I cannot see that provision anywhere”.

We need to break this down and look at what it was which was finished. What ‘work’ did he complete?
Jesus came to finish the work of the priests, high priests and the sacrifices. Why?
Because this was the ‘work’ of the Law which was required to reinstate the relationship between man and God. It was by the sacrifices that God and man were able to have any kind of relationship under the Law.
Every sin was ‘covered’ by the blood of an animal and it was ‘work’, hard work, covering all those sins.
The blood shed went on day after day for hundreds of years and still it was not enough.

None of the sacrifices were good enough to do the job permenantly. As soon as the blood was on the alter the life in it was dried up and dead, another animal was required to cover the people and so it went on and on and on.

Jesus came to put a stop to that.
He became EVERY sacrifice, for EVERY sin.
But the greatest sacrifice he became was the Yom Kippur sacrifice. This one covered ALL sin, known and unknown. When his blood was placed on the alter it was placed on the alter in heaven, not here on earth. There is no time in heaven, so there is no period when this blood is no longer effective.
There is no death in heaven, so this blood’s life lives on, eternally.

When you have perfection, stop.
That is what he did on the Cross. He became the perfect sacrifice and was able to say “It is finished”.
The sacrifices were finished.

In order for this blood to be placed on that alter it had to be taken there by the High Priest. He, and only he, could approach God with the blood of the Attonement sacrifice.
Jesus became the new High Priest, after the order of Melchizedek, when he entered the Holy of Holies in heaven.
He put an end to the priesthood of Aaron.
It also is ‘finished’.

Jesus came to be the sacrifices, to put his blood on the alter and to begin a new order of priesthood.
This was his work.

Why was this his work?
Because without a new and living way there is no hope for us to enter relationship with God.
Now, if we accept this sacrifice, we are in realtionship with God the Father, without ever having to wonder “Was my last sacrifice enough?”. It was. It as perfect. It was Jesus.

This was Jesus’ work. This work is finished.

This work did not put an end to sin, suffering, work (in the physical way). It did not absolve us of responsibilities. It did not suddenly transport us to a new world where all was sunshine and light.
It opened a door for us to enter the presence of God himself, to access his power to live in this world. It did not remove us from this world.

We are not in relationship with God because of our works, but because of his grace; HIS ability. But now that we are in that relationship we can access HIS ability and make it ours.

The “Finished work” is not our finished work, it is Jesus’ and because of it, our’s has only started.
We are not called upon to ‘keep the works of the Law, for righteousness’. That has been done for us, but now that we are righteous we have no excuse for not working.

If you need money…get a job. God will lead and provide as you use his ability and creativity to earn.
If you are ill…seek healing and God will lead you to the place where you will find it.
If you have relationship problems…be honest, transparent and seek wise counsel. God will lead you to the right people and provide you wil the ability to change.

His ability is above and beyond what we can think or imagine, but he does not use it to live our lives for us. He asks us to let him live through us. This requires us to get up and live. It is work, hard work, but it’s a different type of work from that required by the Law, and for us, it is FAR from finished.


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