Posted by: forfreedomalone | 13/11/2015

Start at the end.

When God created the world he did so with words.
Everything, bar man, was spoken into existance and we know that the ‘word’ he used was called ‘logos’. (John 1:1)

Logos’ meaning is a little hard to get as there is nothing like it anywhere else.
When we designed our home we started with doodles. We drew it out, decided that this or that wasn’t quite right, rubbed it out, changed it, started again, settled on one element and then began the process all over again with one settled point.

When God created the world he did his in his heart so that when he put ‘pen to paper’, so to speak, he drew it out perfectly and there were no changes needed.

Logos contains within it the full concept of the thing spoken. There is pure perfection in the words used and in the thing created, which is fully and completely part of, and defined, by the words used, so that, the thing spoken, the thing created, and the creator, become one.

The earth was created to contain within itself all that it required to sustain itself. The earth itself was endowed with all it required to be exactly as God intended.
When he made man from that earth, man’s body was endowed with the same properties of logos as the earth from which is was made.
He then breathed his own spirit into man.

When he accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and are filled with the Holy Spirit we return to this place of having all that we need, and being all that we are supposed to be, right within us.

Our problem is we have to get it out. We struggle over this; we try, we pray, we beg, we study every teacher on earth and still we find that the full manifistation of the logos of God is neatly tucked away in a box inside of us.

Getting that logos out of us is easier than you think. It requires rest, not effort; faith not frantic pleading.
When we understand the concept of logos and when we get the fact that logos is within us; fully finished, complete in all its requirements, it is easy to let it flow out.

Each thing we need is not ‘a thing’ in the spirit, but fully part of the complete whole. Healing, finances, peace, faith, relationshps, whatever you need is all one in logos.
If you have logos you have all of those things and more. You have them in their fullness and in their perfection.

Instead of persuing healing, money, a spouse, try persuing logos. When you get that everything else will miraculously appear.


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