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Confessing and being cleansed.

There has been quite an interest in ‘sin’ and ‘the law’ of recent times. People are debating whether we should confess sin, remember sin, forget sin, or even mention it at all. They are talking about the law being removed, being reinstated or being changed into something else.
Trouble is, most of them don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t mean they are fools, but that they don’t understand the subject.
A favourite quote is Hebrews 8:12 “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”, for those who want us to believe that God has forgotten every sin we have ever committed. If he has forgotten them, they say, so should we.
This quote is from Hebrews, but the writer is quoting Jeremiah, so the original quote was in Hebrew.
The word for ‘sins’ is Chatta’ah and means ‘sin’….singular, noun.
This is NOT talking about actions, but about a thing.
The word is made up of the letters whose means would read something akin to…….the strong leader who reveals the snake twisting in the inner chamber.
The snake, twists and turns (Satan) within the inner chamber (your heart), this condition, this state of being is revealed by the Strong Leader (Jesus).
Sin, is a condition of the heart, it is revealed to us by Jesus. He reveals our sinful state ot us.
From our sinful state we sin. We act in ways which do not line up with what God says is holy and righteous.
We are sinners, ones who sin.
If we are listening to Jesus as he reveals our sinful state to us, we will become very aware of HOW sinful we are.
So what do we do then?
Well, 1 John 1:9 helps us with that…..we confess our sins to God. What does that mean?
It means we say the same thing he says about it. He says ‘that was sin’ and so we should say that too.
He will never say ‘well, it doesn’t really matter any more’. He will always say what he has always said. If adultery was sin when Moses wrote it down as a sin, it is still a sin today and it will be a sin in a thousand years.
We have to know what God says is sin and we have to agree with him…….especially if we say he is our Lord.
Now that we have identified our sinful state and our sinful actions and we have owned them, we are ready to receive one of the most amazing gifts anyone can ever receive.
No, not forgiveness. Mercy.
Forgive means, ‘to send away’ and that is what God does with our sinful state and our sinful actions. In fact, he has aready done it. He sent away the offense all that caused him, at the Cross; actually, before the foundation of the world.Now that he has no more offense towards us, he can ‘treat us better than we deserve’, which is what mercy means.
What does that mean?’
It means that he ‘cleanses us of all unrighteousness’.
What a gift!
Our consciousness of our sinful state and our sinful actions of the past are just that ‘of the past’. We are cleanses of all the stains they have caused to our soul and we are restored to a right relationship with God. He has erased them from his memory.
So we can no longer sin? Correct?
No, not at all.
We can still act in ways which are contrary to God’s law.
And this is where we get into terrible trouble if we believe that the law has been done away with.
Jesus because our perfect sacrifice and he is our High Priest.
Those two formed the Ordinences, which were only one part of a triune Law. The other two being the Judgements and the Commandments.
One could say that God said “this is how you will relate to me, this is how you will relate to one another and this is what you will do to cover the messes you make trying”
In Jesus all our messes are covered, wiped away, we were restored and there is no longer a barrier between us and the Father.
However, God’s standard has not changed, it is still his standard. His law is still his law and his law is still something we are to keep.
Because he commands us to. If he is Lord, then he can command us to do anything. But if we are his children, our love for him will cause us to say “Yes, Father, willingly”.
It is also the law by which the Kingdom of God is ruled. When the new earth is enstated this will be the law which governs it
For the children of Israel keeping the law was hard work. They had to think about it day and night. They taught it to one another and they kept an eye on one another to see that all fulfilled his part in the keeping of the law, because the curses could affect the all if they were brought down on any.
Now, because we have the Holy Spirit living within us, he prompts us as to how we should live and what we should do. But we are still doing according to God’s law……it is just being enacted from love, not fear; from grace (God’s ability) not effort (our ability)…..but it is still his law.
So now we are cleansed of all unrighteousness, we are in right relationship with the Father and we are to put behind us our sinful state and sinful actions.
What do we do when we sin from this position?
Exactly what we did in the first place.
Sin is still sin. Sin kills and it will kill a saint who keeps doing it just the same as a sinner who keeps doing it.
We are not to spend our time looking for sin, pondering on sin, worrying about hidden sin or remembering old sin. We are to live free of all that, BUT, when we do sin (and anyone who says he does not is a liar (1 John 1:8) ) we simply follow the same process as that which cleansed us all the whole pile of sin we had in the first place.
God cannot expend mercy to me over something I did not do. If I refuse to own my sinful behaviour there is nothing for him to forgive, and no mercy required. Of course, refusing to own something does not mean it did not happen, it just keeps me trapped in the sin and seperated from God. He didn’t go anywhere but I am refusing to let him cleans me, because after all, I didn’t do anything.
I know several people who live like this. They are miserable, angry, guilty and condemed, but they cannot have the freedom God wants for them, not because he is withholding it, but because they will not apporach him, as he comanded, to receive it.
They will not humble themselves, confess their sin and be cleansed. They continue to say “It was all taken care of at the Cross”.
Well, yes, it was; but, no it wasn’t.
Jesus made the way, but we have to be willing to walk in it.
If you are struggling with guilt, condemnation, depression, or a feeling of being far from God, ask the Holy Spirit, “Is there something I am trying to ignore which needs to be brought to the Father for cleansing?”
If he shows you something, go to your Father, in secret, and he will hear you, cleans you and restore you to righteousness; as he did at the first.
If he says “no” then stop dwelling on what God has already forgotten.
Enjoy the freedom he has already given you.
After all, it was for freedom that he set you free.

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