Posted by: forfreedomalone | 19/03/2016


The blood sacrifice of animals was, and in some societies still is, a physical ‘covering’ for sin. The blood and flesh of the animal is a physical reminder that something died and that what is being paid for is covered by the blood or flesh.
The blood and flash of animals, even when applied to the body of a man, cannot change him.
His body may look different but HE has not changed.
Religious philosophies are mental or soulish coverings for sin. They are not seen in the pysical, but they assuage the conscience, they cover sin with the hope of a better tomorrow as one tries harder or lets go of more resistance to being a better person.
All the mindful, kind and self-sacrifical thoughts in the world cannot change a man.
His behaviour may have changed, but HE has not.
Only the blood of Christ is living and powerful to seep into the spirit of a man and actually change him.
His blood does not cover, it errases.
His blood does not sit on the surface and change the body, it does not penetrate the mind and change the thinking, it seeps deep into the spirit and changes the man.
Life lived from that changed spirit, a spirit which is in its essence different, is a truely changed life.

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