Posted by: forfreedomalone | 26/03/2016

Food for thought?

For the past week or so people have been wishing me a “Happy Easter”. I have no idea why people seem so keep to wish one another Happy Whatever weeks before the event, but I am sure it is kindly meant.
I have been smiling sweetly and saying “thank you” but not returning the greeting, which usually gets some odd looks, but no comments (Canadians are far too polite to ask).

Until today.

I am a Scot, I am direct and I am, more or less, lacking the ‘tact’ gene, so I told them.

Easter has NOTHING to do with Christ, the crucifixion, the resurrection, nor any church which calls itself ‘Christian’, even in the loosest sense.
It has EVERYTHING to do with Ishtar, goddess of fertility.
The fact, that it is been appropriated by the church does not make it Christian; it just makes it pagan with Christian trimming.

Biblically, we have no idea when Jesus was born, so, if we wish to mark that event with a special day we can pick any one we want. We can overlay our ‘holy day’ on top of any other holiday and claim it as our own, but we CANNOT do that with the celebration of the crucifixion or the resurrection. Those holy days are already prescribed for us. In fact, to NOT observe the correct days is, in my opinion, offensive.

Jesus and his disciples observed the Passover meal together as all Israelites would. They commemorated the day when God took the Children of Israel (NOT the Jews, but that is for another day) out of slavery in Egypt.
This act was a type of the Messiah leading his people out of the slavery of sin.

This commemoration required, as had the day itself, a lamb to die for each family. Its blood had been smeared on the door posts of the house and the people within would be spared death.
This was a type of the death of the perfect Lamb of God who would die for all who put their faith in him.  Jesus was that Lamb.

At the same time as Passover the Feast of Unleaven Bread begins. The people have to clear their homes of all leaven, which was symbolic of sin.  This symbolic cleansing was a type of the cleaning of the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur and, later yet, of the Holy of Holies in the believer (the heart) when the Lamb of God was accepted by the believer.

Three days later begins the Feast of First Fruits, when the first pickings of the new harvest were offered to God.
A type of Jesus’ resurrection as the ‘first born for the dead’ of sin.

Everything we as Christian believe was achieved in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus was foretold in the Passover. We do not need to appropriate a pagan feast day, we need to return to our roots.
Passover begins at sundown on the 22nd April for those who want to get back in touch with the roots of what Jesus did, which had nothing to do with bunnies, eggs  or chocolate.


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