Posted by: forfreedomalone | 05/05/2016

Submitted, or just saved?

Salvation is about the heart, doctrine is about the head.
If a man has accepted Jesus as his Saviour he is saved; end of story.

It is when he accepts him as Lord that things start to change; doctrine, life style etc.
Salvation is not the result one should be aiming for, it is Lordship.

A man can certainly be saved and be as nutty as a fruit cake in his doctrine and life style. It is only the turning over of his life to Christ, the sumbission of his will and desires to those of his Lord, which will change those things.

We frequently preach things backwards.
We should not be looking to get people saved as a primary goal, we should be looking to get people to change citizenship, to move from the kingdom of this world into the Kingdom of God.
Once they have decided to move, they will find salvation is part and parcel of the arrangement.

However, preaching salvation as a primary goal, leaves people in the wrong kingdom, under the wrong lordship and confused and powerless on the subject of change.

Man was created to live in the Kingdom of God, under the Lordship of God and by His power, but he got himself kicked out.
Jesus came to make it possible for us to return.
We do not return by being saved, but by submitting to his Lordship, as Adam and Eve did not.

If you want to see the power and perfection of the Kingdom working in your life, but are not, ask yourself, honestly, “Am I submitted, or just saved?”


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