Posted by: forfreedomalone | 11/05/2016

Lawlessness or love?

In this past week the government of British Columbia has announced that they will be increasing the penalties for driving while using a mobile phone.
The increase is substantial and one could find oneself with a fine of up to $15,000 for repeated infringement.
I was talking to friend about this last night, or rather, she was talking to me about it. She was incensed.
She had many fairly reasonable and arguable points, but the long and the short of it was, she was outraged that anyone would suggest that there should be greater penalties than there currently are for being caught driving while using a phone.
Intially, I was just listening. Then I was amused at how irrate she was, then I was becoming irate at her!
Then I got the message.
“Be honest,” I said, “Do you use your phone when driving?”
She flushed, looked at the ground then said “Everyone does!”
Well, no, actually, not everyone does.
Many people are responsible and considerate enough to switch it off, or ignore it, when they are driving. For them, this new law will probably not even make a ripple in their day. It is of no interest to them, nor will it affect them, because they are not law breakers.
It is only law breakers who worry so much about the laws.
This is exactly the principle with the ‘law’ of God.
Although ‘law’ is not mentioned in the Hebrew; it is called Torah, which means ‘teaching’ or ‘instruction’, not ‘law’; the concept is the same.
Those who are law breakers, who are lawless, are the ones who are most concerned that we should all know the law has been done away with, that we are no longer ‘under law’, but ‘under grace’. This shift allows us to break laws with impunity.
So when it is pointed out that the ‘law’ has not been done away with, but amended, they get quite worked up.
The burden of paying for our own offenses has been lifed from us but the responsibility for observing the teaching of God has not.
God’s grace is not meant to make it possible for us to live as we choose and have a clear conscience, it is to make it possible for us to live according to HIS teaching, without the guilt and fear associated with the price we are due to pay for all the transgressions we have, and yet will, commit.
Jesus was very clear that he did not come to do away with the ‘law’. He was also very clear that those who teach others to break Torah (and that is exactly what one is doing when one says the law is done away with) would be least in the Kingdom.
N.B….they would still be in the Kingdom, just least in it.
When you are told that Torah (or the law, whatever term the person is using) is still in effect, do you get annoyed? Do you feel guilty and burdened?
If you do, it is not because the other person is wrong, but because you are lawless.
The news that Torah is still in effect should bring joy to our hearts. God’s teaching and instruction on how to live, how to relate to others and to him, is the only ‘law’ which will opperate in the eternal Kingdom of the Lamb. It will be the perfect legal system, given down from a father who loves us and kept by us who love him.
Love will be, and now is, the motivation for giving the teaching and for observing it. In fact, if it has been done away with there is no basis for love to operate at all.
Love is the reason for the ‘law’, it is the reason for keeping the ‘law’ and it is the reason it will never be done away with.
Do not be deceived; it is not love nor grace which causes rejoicing over the end of God’s ‘law’, it is lawlessness itself.

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