Posted by: forfreedomalone | 15/05/2016

Open every parcel

Yesterday marked the offical beginning of summer in our house. That is the day when the winter duvet is replaced by the summer one. Naturally, the following night is the coldest of the year, but that is another story.

The whole bed is stripped back and EVERYTHING is cleaned.
As I was remaking it, with fresh clean linen, newly ironed, off the line, I was thinking about the lace cover which lies on top of the bed.
It was a wedding present to me from friends of my parents.

All four are now gone, but I still use the cover every day.

I was thinking how when one is given a gift one is given something of the other person’s choosing, in most cases.
Although I have always loved it, I am not sure that, at the age I was then, I would have chosen it myself. It was just given to me as someone else’s choice.

As with the cover sometimes the other person’s choice may turn out to be better than our own.

So it is with the gift God gave us, when he chose to make it possible for us to return to life in the Kingdom of God. The way he chose to make this possible and the vast extent of the gift were of his choosing and his giving.
We are but recipients of his generosity.

When we feel that we must now give something back we cheapen the gift. When we feel we must ‘protect’ it, by never discussing God or our relationship with him, for fear another should take issue or defame him, we grieve him.
When we rarely or never use all of the array of components of his gift we are short changing ourselves and are foolish indeed.

We would use every piece of a canteen of cutlery, we would use the bed spread, as have I all these years, why do we feel the need to not wholeheartedly embrass all that he has given us, out of his vast heart of kindness?

The reason is, I believe, because the gift is so huge we cannot comprehend it.
Take small steps to investigate what you have in him, but which you have never before unpacked.
The riches of his grace are boundless and he rejoices when we start enjoying his generosity.


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