Posted by: forfreedomalone | 22/05/2016


As the teaching of English grammar has declined our understanding of the language has also suffered.
Not only are we losing the richness of the language, by reducing it to abbreviations and grunts, we are also losing the understanding of its use and meaning.
Imperative is one such example.
Imperative sentances are constructed using imperative verbs and they give orders. The orders give permission or prohibition.
There is no room for discussion with an imperative sentance.
There is no wiggle room, do debate, no wondering what is being said, it is straightforward and clear.
Do not sit there.
Drink this.
Don’t touch.
Stay off the grass.
Imperatives could be called commands. They are like orders given on a parade ground. There is no doubt what they mean.
However, unlike orders on a parade ground God’s imperatives do not bring with them his retribution should you decide to ignore them. But they do bring consequences.
If I say to you, “Do not sit on that bench” I have given you an imperative. If you choose to ignore me and get covered in wet paint, I am not the one who ruined your clothes. You are.
I did not paint you, you ignored my imperative.
God has created this world with consequences built in.
Obey and we find wonderful things await us, disobey and we get into all sorts of trouble. We are not ‘earning’ blessing and he is not cursing us; these are just the natural consequences of the laws of the Kingdom.
If you jump off the Empire State Building you will die. The law of gravity will see to that and your death will be the natural consequence of ignoring that law and (I am sure) the imperative sign at the top telling you to keep back from the edge.
One of Jesus’ imperatives was “Bless your enemies”.
This is not a suggestion. It is not a good idea. It is an imperative.
Do this.
Not “do this if you feel like it” or “if they bless you”, but “bless them”.
The blessing of our enemies has an amazing effect on us when we do it. It changes our sight and causes us to see as God sees.
I learned this the hard way.
There was a person in my life who was a complete thorn in my flesh. It was as though this person had been created to drive me insane. In their presence I felt angry and frustrated, but communication was impossible as they were never willing to hear anything which did not line up with their view of things.
One day the Lord told me to bless them.
I felt this was open to discussion so I discussed it with Him. Well, I should say, I discussed, he listened. Then he said “Bless your enemies”. I had to agree this person was my enemy, but bless them!! Are you mad??
“Bless them” he said.
I, finally, got it. It was an imperative, NOT a suggestion. DO IT!
So I did. I did it through gritted teeth and I did it very grudgingly, but I did it because I wanted to be obedient to my heavenly father.
In days their attitude changed and there was the possibility of communication. In weeks we were no longer enemies, but friends.
My heart softened towards them as I blessed them. I learned to love them, but they also changed towards me.
Now, whenever I have one bad though about someone, I, at once, pray blessing over them. I am sure that I will never know the effect that had on many of those people as I will never seen them again, but I know the effect it has had on me.
Next time you are reading your Bible look for Jesus’ imperatives. If you find one, do it.
His imperatives will effect change in your affect……………but that is a grammar lesson for another day.

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