Posted by: forfreedomalone | 11/06/2016

Storm Invaded

I read something interesting recently. It came from a Buddist site, but the profound truth is no less ….well, profound.
It said, in essence, that the storm around you cannot be calmed, but the one within you can.
Now, if we are in Christ and filled with his Spirit, then we can calm both, but there was a valid point there.
When we are in the midst of a storm does the storm invade us and cause us to be storm filled?
Have you ever noticed that Jesus is mentioned to be on a lake in a storm three time in the Gospels.
On only one occassion did he calm it. This was because the disciples were terrified and ‘storm invaded’. They were unable to calm the storm within and so he calmed the storm without.
The other twice he walked on the water DESPITE the storm.
Do you become ‘storm invaded’; unable to do anything until you are rescued? Or are you able to clam the storm within and carry on through the storm without?
It is only when we know who we are in Christ and have access to the peace of God in our hearts that we can remain calm in any situation. The peace which passes (surpasses) all understanding fills us and we are unmovable.
God is filled with that same peace. He is unmovable. He knows who he is and he is filled with the Spirit, so there is no shadow of turning with him, no change, no moment when everything goes pear-shaped and all is lost.
He is utterly trustworthy no matter what and he is offering that same peace and stability to us.
When all around is shaking and looking unsure, are you able to calm the storm and carry on?
If not, perhaps you need to spend some time with the one who created the wind and the waves in the first place, and hear his voice saying “Be still”.


  1. As you say, there is truth there, but I would look at this from a slightly different angle. You say that if I am in Christ, I have the power to calm the storm. This sounds pretty good, me being powerful. But, I would say that if I am in Christ, I have the power to “rest” in the storm as Christ calms it, or not, “depending” on his will and power.

    Let me tell you a story. I have a friend who thinks of themselves as being very powerful in Christ. They are always praying for God to give them more power to overcome the adversity they encounter (more or less continuously) in their life. From an external observers standpoint, they do seem powerful, but the power manifests itself in the form of barely contained rage at the awfulness of the world around them.

    Now believe it or not, I am not being critical of this person, they have had a very difficult life, and so there is plenty of justification for their rage.

    But, what I am saying is that I think their mind set is backwards because they believe they have to solve all the problems using Christ as a backup power source to refill them when they run out. I believe that because He is in me, He IS the power source for everything I do. His power is limitless, so there is never any chance of His power running out or being insufficient.

    If, as you say, He doesn’t calm the storm,then it doesn’t meed to be calmed. As for power, He does give me power, power to rest in Him. More than that i don’t need.

    And finally, lest you think I have solved all the problems of stress in my own life, you need not be afraid because I haven’t. It is one thing to know the truth, and “sometimes” quite another to “remember” to rest in Christ.

    Just my thoughts,


    • It is always interesting to listen to how someone else heard you.
      It is interesting that you heard me say that you had the power to calm the external storm. I didn’t say that, I just said we could calm both storms.

      In Christ we have authority; the same authority he has; which is ALL authority. We have the authority to speak to a storm and instruct it to be calm. We do not have the power to calm it. He has that power and he is power in us who calms it; but we have the authority to speak.
      Power and authority are not the same thing.

      Your friend sounds like he is in great pain. The calming of the internal storm will bring him peace and rest, not the power to continue overcoming.
      But, as you so rightly say, knowing the truth is one thing, putting it into practice can be quite another. 🙂

      • “We do not have the power to calm it. He has that power and he is power in us who calms it; but we have the authority to speak.” AMEN!!

        “Power and authority are not the same thing.” Good point. We have the authority to speak what God gives us, and He has the power to complete whatever He desires, in us and through us.

        It is truly a Joy to serve our wonderful Lord,


      • Amen and Amen 🙂

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