Posted by: forfreedomalone | 12/06/2016

The Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
Everyone knows The Golden Rule……..or do they?
This saying of Jesus sums up both the Torah and the Prophets.
But it is, like so much else he said, not just as obvious as it at first seems.
It is easy to see that if I want to be spoken to respectfully I should speak to you respectfully.
If I want to be loved, I should love.
If I want to be treated with consideration, I should be considerate.
But HOW we do that is often where we fall down.
We assume that the actual thing which matters to us matters to others too.
You may regard the tone of voice as showing respect, whereas I may be more focused on the terms used. I hate being addressed by my first name by someone I do not know. In my culture it is very disrespectful; yet in the culture in which I live, for most of the year, it is seen as friendly and, therefore, respectful.
The things which will indicate love to you, may not indicate that to me.
We need to find out what it is that the other wants before we “Do unto others”, because we would want them to find out what we want before they “do unto us”.
The intent, although good, can end up twisted if I am doing to you, those things which would matter to me and not those that matter to you.
This is an excellent example of understanding the spirit of the law and not the law only.
In all things I want to be treated with love, respect, compassion and dignity. So do you. But HOW that is shown will not be the same for us both. We need to be willing to ask, then walk outside of our comfort zone and treat others IN THE WAY they want to be treated, so they also feel loved, respected and treated with compassion and dignity.
Jesus command is not as straightforward as it at first seems.
He is, again, calling believers, to lay down their lives and be a servant to others.
He is calling us to examine our motives and actions.
He is calling us to follow him.

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