Posted by: forfreedomalone | 25/07/2016


I have to wonder if God was just in a very funny mood when he wrote some of the verses in the Bible.
Maybe you need a warped sense of humour to even wonder that, but this is one which makes me wonder.
Ex 14:14
“The Lord will fight for you and you need only to be still”.
I’ll take care of the fight, you just rest, be at peace.
In fact, it is the ONLY thing you need to do.
Can you imagine a British soldier, in WWI, sitting in his deck chair reading his novel, as the Battle of Passchendaele raged around him, without a care in the world?
Or a Russin soldier on the Eastern Front, in WWII, totally lost in his latest painting?
This is what this verse is telling us to do.
He is not saying “Sit down and fret while I take care of it” He is saying “rest”…totally, utterly, and completely, REST.
Take your mind off the problem and enter into peace.
Do not allow any ripple of concern to disturb the stillness within.
Rest is not inactivity, it is utter and total peace.It is a complete lack of aggitation on any level.
If we are simply inactive we are not, necessarily, resting, we’re just inactive.
Resting require a great deal of activity until we learn to do it naturally. It needs practice and conscious effort until it is mastered.
If you are in a situation where being still is what you need, start learning how, because before long another situation will come along to test your ability and take you to a new level of stillness.
The thing humans find most difficult to do, is just plopped into a sweet little verse and the whole thing sounds so easy.
This may be the most difficult command in the whole Bible.
Yes, I can see the divine grin from here.

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