Posted by: forfreedomalone | 22/08/2016

Love, with all your strength.

Today there is an almost obsessive focus on knowing how much God loves us.
Everywhere we are being told be focus on this fact and we will be changed.
Is this not true?
Oh, yes, indeed it is true. God does love us, with a love which is unfathomable and yes, indeed, this love will change us.
However, in our single-minded focusing on this point we are missing something very important.
The Bible teaches that the first and greatest commandment is that we are to love God.
John (1 John 4:19) clarifies that this is only possible because he first loved us, so we are in no doubt that he does love us.
But having established this fact, we are then to use all our energies, of mind, body, soul and spirit to loving him. Not to convince ourselves of how much he loves us.
Why would this be?
Simply, because when we spend a great deal of time targeting this point, we become more and more self-orientated.
If I feel down today can I conclude God no longer loves me?
If life is tough should I assume God has abandoned me?
I have to spend time and energy convincing myself of God’s love for me, so I can feel that love and believe it.
So much self- orientated, self-convincing, has resulted in so many selfish Christians.
What will open my eyes to his love for me and to his powerful presence in my life is doing what he told me to do, make loving him the first and foremost thing I do, with all my strength.
Loving him is what keeps me God orientated.
We have already received his love for us, we already know that he loves us, now we move on to what he instructed as the greatest thing we could do… him.
This love will change us.

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