Posted by: forfreedomalone | 04/09/2016

Laying down self.

True love knows nothing of self. It lays down all of self for others and is fully satisfied in so doing.
How does this translate into everyday living?
Does it mean that if I love truly my personality has to change?
My sense of humour has to go?
My sense of self-worth has to be lower?
No, it means none of those things.
Laying down self does not mean laying down me, it means laying down all of my desires and needs. It means that what I want and what I desire is no longer of prime importance, what others need is more important.
We often fool ourselves into believing that we are sacrificing self for others, but we are doing no such thing; we are feeding self.
The mother who runs about after her children, picking up, cleaning up, filling in the gaps and mistakes and never allowing them to be without may tell herself that she is sacrificing self for her family, but she is, in fact, feeding her ego and not doing what is needful for her children.
She is not training them to think of others, but to think only of themselves. She is teaching them to have an attitude of entitlement and to be lazy.
The father who works all hours to make enough money to allow his children to enter every activity their community provides, to buy them the latest fashion clothes and to have the toys they ‘need’ may fool himself that he is sacrificing himself for his children, but he is also feeding his ego.
His children need him, not expensive clothes and toys.
They need to learn the value of hard work, but they also need to learn that they are valuable to their father.
We see these kinds of examples every day and I am sure you can think of many more.
We all do it and we all do it while polishing our halo and feeling self-righteous, but calling it self-sacrificing.
True love truly sacrifices all that is self for others, not once, not accidentally, but over and over again and on purpose.
True love has no fear of being a doormat or of being unloved in return, because true love knows Love itself.
Jesus sacrificed self for the Father’s will. There was no thought of his needs or wants when he went to the Cross.
The Father sacrificed self for us when he gave up his son on our behalf.
We are asked to sacrifice self for the benefit of the Kingdom in exactly the same way.
The will of the Father and the benefit of others comes before our will and the benefit of me.
How do we do this?
We become so closely entwined with Love himself that all thought of self just disappears.
Although Jesus made this possible in a moment, we will not arrive at that destination in a moment, it is, my friends, a journey.
Enjoy the ride and celebrate your freedom to journey and to be free.

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