Posted by: forfreedomalone | 18/09/2016

True Freedom

Freedom is probably more sought after than anything else.
All over the world people are leaving their homelands to be free of oppression, repression or suppression.
Countries are breaking with other countries; as in the British voting to leave the EU. Others are wanting to leave their union with other countries, such as some Scots wanting to leave the UK.
Idealists want to end capitalism and introduce socialism as a way to ‘set the people free’.
Congregants leave one church for another so they can be free to worship or live as they feel they should.
Divorce is rampant, as one spouse seeks to be free of the other.
Children are leaving home to be free of their parent’s influence.
Everywhere there is a cry for freedom.
What most are missing though is the vital link between themselves and true freedom.
It will not be found in another country, another political or economic system, another church or another spouse because freedom has nothing to do with the external it is totally and completely internal.
Freedom comes from the heart.
If your heart is bound to fear, jealousy, bitterness, anger, poor self-worth, shame or lack you will never escape until your heart is changed.
Jesus said that it was for freedom that he set us free. He did not send the moving van and buy us another home in another country where we would start again with another family, he broke the bonds of all the negative ‘stuff’ which keeps us prisoner to it.
He opened the prison doors and told us we could now go free, but if we take all the ‘stuff’ with us we will be as much in prison as if we stayed in the cell.
Being truly free allows us to live in any circumstances and still be free, because no one, no political or economic system, no minister or congregation, no spouse or child, nothing and no one can take or withhold that freedom from us.
The true journey to freedom begins in the heart.

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