Posted by: forfreedomalone | 24/11/2016

Dividing is very much of God

Of late I have been reading a number of posts from ministers in the USA saying that there is much division in their country and no one should think it is of God.
First, we need to establish if the USA is being divided and the categorical answer to that is no.
What is happening right now is the work of a ‘party spirit’ not division.
A party is not a shin-dig, it is a person or group of people setting themselves against another ‘party’.
This may be a political ‘party’ against another, a social ‘party’ against another or it can simply be one ‘party’ against another.
In legal documents you will find terms such as “the party of the first”, “the party of the second”, meaning person 1 and person 2.
It is simply a term for a person or group of people.
A party spirit is a demonic spirit which works to either create such groups or to turn one such group, already established, against another. The Apostle Paul warned of this, as a manifestation of the flesh, in Galatians 5:20 “idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, party spirit,”
As the richness of the English language is being lost to banal and inaccurate substitutes the fact that a ‘party’ simply means a person has been lost and now people think this only means a social gathering.
As a result, many Bibles will translate αἵρεσις as various things indicating drunken revelry when it means nothing of the sort.
A party spirit is very much from Satan.
Division is very much from God.
Right from the first verses of Genesis we see god dividing and then separating.
He divided day from night; light from darkness; good from evil; land from sea; heaven from earth.
In dealing with his people he divided and then separated Isaac and Ishmael; Esau from Jacob; the Hebrews from the Gentiles and many more examples.
Dividing is very much of God. It is how he indicated his choice and then by separating that which he had already divided he made holy those he had separated.
In fact, the word in Hebrew which is translated as ‘holy’ means separated.
God will always divide and separate as he refines his people who are set apart to be his holy ones.
Don’t miss this in your life if he is dividing you now from things and people you desire to hold on to.
Don’t overlook that the next step is separating…….sanctifying….making holy……..setting apart for him…….because his is a privilege, this is where you are drawn in to a personal and deep relationship.
But first comes division.


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