Posted by: forfreedomalone | 08/12/2016

Me First

We have all known, at some point in our lives, a person who would drive us round the twist. Or someone, or some situation, over which we could despair.
We have all, at some point, poured our hearts out to God and felt like either nothing is happening or things are getting worse.
There is, most certainly, a place for prayer for others and situations, but we are apt to forget something very important when we go to pray.
When we draw near to God there is one thing and one thing only He is interested in …….OUR hearts.
He hears our complaints, our pleas, our compassion, our anger, our desperation and our desires, but the only thing He wants to get hold of is OUR hearts.
Our hearts are the vessels out of which we operate; out of which we relate to God and to the world. If our hearts are not set fair with Him we will be sailing against the wind.
This is not to say that much of what we say to God is not true or even fair. We maybe are being treated unfairly, or in an ungodly way, nor that He has no interest in making our lives better, here and now; but the thing He wants first and foremost is our hearts.
When our hearts are right with Him we will be able to endure what we must endure, we will be able to challenge what we need to challenge, we will be able to change what needs changing.
It is ONLY through a heart which is right with God, focused on Him, willing to hear His voice to US and about US, that we can then be in the right place to live as He would have us live and affect those around us as He would have us affect them.
We are too inclined to pray “Lord, change them” and not so quick to pray “Lord, change me”.
Our assessment of right, wrong, love, hate, fear, truth or and 100 other things is not always the same assessment that God would make and we are inclined to move on OUR values and opinions rather than His.
As we draw near to Him to be changed, we change others. Not by might, nor my power, but by His Spirit, flowing out of our whole hearts, wholeheartedly, purely just as it would flow from Him, with no agenda of our own getting in the way.
Change me first Lord, then I may not even have anything to talk to you about, except to praise you.

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