Posted by: forfreedomalone | 06/01/2017

Loss of identity.

Every time I return to the UK I am astonished at how much American language and culture is being absorbed by the British.
My friends and family are getting a bit sick of me going on about it.
In the space of 10 minutes, I had two people tell me to “have a good one” (a good WHAT?) and one young man ask if I “had a good New Years” (was I supposed to have had several or was he too lazy to finish the sentence?). Everyone seems to be assaulting asses by kicking their rear ends, (I’m amazed Nanny allows this behaviour), every action, thought or word is worthy of awe, verbs have been changed into nouns at an alarming rate (I received “an invite” (invite is a verb, the thing I received was an invitation, noun) to a party and we even seem to need Americans to tell us what to buy, as that same evening three consecutive adverts had gentlemen of that nationality informing me of products without which I could not live.
What alarms me particularly is that those who are adopting these foreign phrases seem to have no idea whatsoever that they are doing it. They just think they are trendy and modern.
So am I anti-American?
Not in the least.
My problem has nothing to do with the USA, her citizens, culture or language, it has to do with the British osmotically replacing their own culture and language with someone else’s.
We have a rich heritage of language and culture and it is being lost at an alarming rate by people who are mindlessly absorbing something different.
Language and culture are deeply and inextricably linked. They form the core of who we are as people and they differentiate us, one group from another.
The mindless abandoning of one language for another, no matter whose it is, leaves a person in a cultural limbo as they are still living in, but no longer attached to, their own culture and certainly do not belong to the foreign one.
What has this to do with anything Biblical?
Quite a bit, I feel.
Mindless absorption of Christian culture has replaced thinking and questioning faith.
More and more I hear people using language which belongs to Christian culture but has no connection to what the Bible says.
People accept what they are told, or hear in their social circles. They adapt and modify language to be more modern and more palatable to the mores of the day. Secular culture is absorbing Christianity and creating a Christian culture which is in danger of being mindless and powerless.
What we see happening in the world will happen, or has already happened, in the church. The physical and the spiritual are also deeply linked.
Christians need to be aware of what they think, believe and say, They need to be watchful of their faith.
The advancement of the ‘new’ doctrines of today is almost entirely due to their ability to slowly, but surely, flood the church with a new language. Just as the secular language is turning verbs into nouns and no one seems to notice, so the ‘spiritual’ is redefining terms and concepts to create a whole new theology.
Now grace is a person, Jesus is our tithe, choice is not necessary, judgement is love and a whole host of other nonsense has been created which is destroying the truth in the minds of those who desire to be up-to-date and ‘hip’ in church circles.
Truth has not changed in millennia and will not change in millennia to come. Do not be deceived.
If we are going to give up our language, culture, theology or beliefs let’s do it mindfully, fully aware that that is what we are doing.
If not, let us engage fully cognisant of what is being said, willing to question what is meant, prepared to go against the tide.
Hold fast the faith which you received at first and do not sell out to be modern and fashionable.
You will, like the Brits, lose more than you can possibly imagine.

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