Posted by: forfreedomalone | 28/01/2017

Healing, then believing.

Paul tells Timothy, in 1Tim 1:5 that love comes from a pure heart, a good conscience and sincere faith.

To really get an understanding of that we have to work backwards.
Sincere faith, a good conscience and a pure heart are all required for love to flourish.
If we lack any of the three love will not flow….it may sputter, but it will not flow.

If we do not have a pure heart we cannot have sincere faith and a good conscience operating in us.
But that sounds like such a goal to attain!!
Who has a ‘pure’ heart?

The Greek word, translated as ‘pure’ is katharos, and means clean and pure, ritually and literally. It also means complete.
If our heart is not ‘complete’, fully restored and whole, we cannot have sincere faith and a good conscience.

Wounds and fractures to our heart need to be healed before we can exercise sincere faith, exhibit a good conscience or show love.

If you are feeling that you lack faith, or that your conscience is bothering you, or that you are unloving, your first port of call is healing, not more faith.

We need to be made WHOLE before any of the above will function as it should.
No machine would reach its full potential when broken, so why do we expect we should?

If you, today, feel that you lack faith, are condemned or are unloving…….ask the Lord “Where do I need to be healed?”.
It is your wholeness which allows for greater faith and love, not your effort to produce either.

So many posts and so much teaching is devoted to telling you to believe.
If you would just believe that God loves you, you would feel loved.
If you would just believe that God wants you well, you would be healed.
If you would just believe that God wants you prosperous, you would prosper.

Yes, believing is the key to receiving.

BUT………it is impossible with a broken heart.

If you would just tie your shoe laces, you’d stop tripping.
If you would brush your hair you wouldn’t look like a scarecrow.
If you would cut up your food you wouldn’t eat like an animal.

But how are you to do those things if your arm is broken?

You can’t.

Jesus didn’t say he came to make people believe things. He said he came to heal the broken-hearted.
Without that healing, we are flogging a dead horse.

Healing is your first port of call, believing is as natural as tying your laces, brushing your hair and cutting your food, once you arm is mended.

Believing is not hard when you are whole.
It is impossible when you are broken.

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