Posted by: forfreedomalone | 11/02/2017

The destructive power of silence.

You know……the highest covenant is the marriage covenant, the highest level of relationship, the greatest commitment to another.
This tells us how much God wants to be in relationship with us and how deeply.

The linchpin of relationship is communication. Without communication all relationships die. Once they are in trouble it is the concerted work of the enemy to stop communication being opened again.
He does this with our friends, spouses and with God himself.

If we are careless about how much time we spend communicating or about how effectively we communicate, he is straight in there to help shut the door permanently.
When we stop going to God in prayer for a while it is easy to believe he is too busy to bother with us, or we are too busy to bother with him.
The same is true of friends and spouses.
We just stop making the effort after a while as we are convinced that there is not much point anyway.

God never takes this approach. He is communicating with us, via his Holy Spirit, constantly. He never stops talking to us, nor does he even stop listening either.

If you have distanced yourself, through whatever method or for whatever reason, return now, without delay and frustrate your enemy.

If communication is the linchpin of relationship, revelation is the linchpin of communication.

He is constantly revealing himself to us, piece by piece. But if we have stopped communicating we will be missing the revelation.

Revelation is not about recrimination, it is about being vulnerable with another and showing a part of yourself you have kept hidden. Revelation is designed to draw an intimate closer still.

Go to him now and listen. Go and reveal something of yourself to him and watch the conversation spark back into life.
What works with God will also work with those around you from whom you may be estranged.
Reveal your heart, be open to communicate and desirous of deepening your commitment, one to the another.

It is how God wants relationships to work between us and him, so it is also how he wants them to work between us and our fellow men.

Silence can be wonderful when you need to quiet your soul, it can take you to a place of peace, but Satan wants to use silence as a false peace when it is brought about by bitterness, anger, neglect or just plain self-centeredness.
He wants to convince you that remaining silent is the best thing, as speaking will only bring trouble. He wants to stop any words which will create relationship.

Do not let him hold you in a no-man’s land of silence in place of real peace. Do not let him keep you from the relationships God has for you which are created through communication.


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