Posted by: forfreedomalone | 01/03/2017

Storm tossed in the Ark

There are times, in all our lives, when we feel storm-tossed. We are struggling to cope with life and all that it seems to be throwing at us.
We may feel trapped and unable to control anything at all.
If we Christ’s we need to remember where we are at such times.

We are in him.
He is our Ark.
When Noah received the word to build the Ark, it was God who told him to do it.
When Noah entered the Ark it was on God’s word to do so.
When the Ark was sealed it was God who sealed it.
Once he was in there Noah had no way to see what was going on outside, as opening the window, in the side of the Ark, would have let in water. He just had to ride it out and wait.

It may well have felt like he was trapped in there and I am sure there were days when it was VERY frightening, but once in, he had no way out.
Noah didn’t have the option of opening the door and just getting off. He was trapped in the only place which was safe, but which, may still have felt like a floating coffin.

The type of vessel the Ark was, was rudderless and sailless. There was no possible way to steer it or control which way it went. You just hung on and rode it out.
It was the same type of vessel as Moses was placed in, in the Nile.

The interesting thing is, though, that inside the Ark, with no way of seeing how bad things were outside, was the very best place for Noah. He was safe, he was secure and he was protected from the horrors outside his window.
If he had been able to remove himself from his floating prison he would have been SO much worse off than he was inside it.

In due course, when what was coming anyway, had been and gone, God was able to remove the door and let Noah out. Remember it was God who sealed him in so it was God who had to let him out.

When you are tossed and tattered, sea sick and exhausted, remember you have been placed in an Ark for your safe keeping, not so you will drown and no one will know.
When you feel trapped, remember you were sealed in, so that NOTHING could harm you.
When you want to get out, give thanks that you are in, as out is SO much worse.

Our Ark is unsinkable. If anything happens to us while in the Ark it would be God’s fault, as he called us to get in, he sealed us in and he is watching over it to keep us safe.
He didn’t let Noah crash and drown and he won’t let you either.
If he did, his reputation would be ruined.

Reputation in Hebrew is shem, which means ‘name’; not as in Tom, Dick or Harry, but as in reputation.
God’s name is at stake in seeing you safe to the top of the mountain. He will not let his name be tarnished by losing even one of his lambs.
No matter how storm-tossed you may be right now, your Ark is unsinkable.
God has staked his reputation on it and given his Word as guarantee.


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