Posted by: forfreedomalone | 05/03/2017

Called to die.

I know someone who is off, soon, to the mission field as they feel this is the commission of God for their lives.
Others say they are called to preach, teach, pastor, heal the sick, there is a wide gamut of options and I am not saying any of them are wrong.
However, there is one thing we are all called to do and without doing it nothing else will be of any great use.
That is, die.
In 1 Corinthians 15:31 Paul talks about dying daily. Some translations say “I face death daily”, but the original language says “I die daily”.
Paul knew that so long as he remained alive the God in him could not live though him. There is only room for one god, one life, one spirit to hold sway at a time.
Whose was it to be?
Well, in Paul’s case, it was to be God’s.
All the fruit is wonderful, but if the seed did not die to produce the tree, what we are seeing is a mirage and the fruit we are offering will be tasteless and unsustaining.
Only when we are dead can we rise again. Yet, so many want to rise again without ever dying in the first place.
Jesus said, in Matthew 10, that he did not come to bring peace, but a sword. He came to create division.
He did not come to create unity, but separation, even within families.
He said that if anything, even those we love most, come between him and us we are not worthy of him.
We must be set apart.
And then the kicker…………..whoever loses his life for His sake, will find it.
He was not talking about passing away per sae, but about dying to self.
If we insist on holding on to people, place, things, dreams, beliefs etc we will never find the life of God coming to its fullness in us.
We must heed the call to die. To die fully and to die daily.
When we are good and dead, we will be astonished at what happens. New life can spring forth, with power, and it will change the world.

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