Posted by: forfreedomalone | 03/05/2017

For the love of God.

The love of God is the hot topic in the church today. Everyone is talking about how much God loves us and that is, without a doubt, true.
Love is what everyone wants and the new breed of preacher is making sure that they know they can get it from God.
However, love, in the church, just as in the world, has been redefined. How it is shown or expected has changed from how God explains and shows his love, in the Bible and in the person of Jesus, to how man does.
God’s love is not the teddy bear kind of love, it is the roaring lion kind.
There is nothing gentle and cuddly about God’s love. It is mighty, roaring and all consuming. It is utterly self-sacrificing and it is not remotely tolerant.
How different to what love is thought to be in the 21st century!
The word, translated as ‘love’ in the Bible is ‘agape’; it means, ‘self sacrificing’. The expression of God’s love for mankind was to sacrifice himself on our behalf. The point of the sacrifice was that we could be set free from the power of sin and death, that we could be reunited with God himself.
As God is holy there is no way for the unholy to be united with him.
Holy does not mean, ‘set apart for God’, it means ‘pure, unblemished, not guilty of any crime’.
God is holy, pure and unblemished, and it is this which sets him apart from other gods, angels and man.
He is not set apart FOR us, he is set apart FROM us because of his holiness, his purity. But he has made a way for us to be reunited with him by becoming as pure as he is.
His purity is a spiritual purity, as God is spirit. So when we become as holy as he, it is our spirits which are made pure. We become as holy as he is by accepting his spirit who resides in us thereafter.
This gift of purity is given to us when we believe and receive.
However, once we have received the gift of a spirit of purity and holiness, we are to live from it, just as He does. God’s every thought and action emanates from his spirit of holiness. So now must ours.
If we take a cat and give it the new identity of a dog, it must needs now start behaving like a dog. It will no longer purr, but bark. Change will have been affected by a new identity.
So it must be with man; spiritually and physically.
When I was a child there was an expression which was used freely, where appropriate, and it was, “He is a credit to his parents”.
It meant, simply, that the child (or young adult) was a reflection of the parent’s values and character; that the child had been brought up to be a “chip off the old block”.
Today children are not so much brought up as left to form themselves as they see fit.
They do indeed reflect their parents, but not in any way which is complimentary.
There is no discipline, no correction, no instruction on how to behave. To encounter a child who is polite, considerate and well behaved is unusual. They are allowed to ‘express’ themselves as they see fit no matter how inappropriately or how they impact others.
This is not love. These children are regarded as ‘brats’ and not wanted anywhere. Families, where there are adults who know this is not love, withdraw from the children and their parents, as the PC state will not brook any opposition to its disintegration. No one can say anything, but those who know better, know this is not how to bring up a stable and healthy population.
Now we are seeing a rise in child mental illness and we wonder why. These children are not receiving healthy love, they are receiving permissive abuse.
God does not treat his children this way. He is very clear on how they are to behave, he is very clear on what is acceptable and what is not. He is in no way confused about what love is.
God’s love requires us to let go of our human ideas and standards, it requires us to see things from his perspective and not our own. God’s love changes us, it does not allow us to remain as we were. This is something to be celebrated and not to be shunned.
Being stripped of all our own power and desire is good. Being disciplined and taught, obedient and humble before God is essential if we are to be reflections of HIM in this world and not reflections of us.
God is not tolerant or permissive, he does not love us in our sinful state and then say, “It’s okay, don’t feel bad about that, just carry on and I will keep loving you”. He says, “I love you so much I will not allow you to remain as you are, because leaving you as you are would not be love. You would be a brat, doing as you pleased, destroying relationships with others by your behaviour and misrepresenting me. Yield to my love and let me change you into an expression of me. Then you will have influence and power in this world and you will know my love, joy, and peace. You will have become all you can be, fully a reflection of me”.

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