Posted by: forfreedomalone | 19/05/2017

Growing Light.

It is ‘natural’ for us, as humans, to stop and assess where we are from time to time. We stop shopping and check our list, we take a coffee break and run through the jobs we have to accomplish yet in the day.
We like to know where we are in terms of a timeline and we like to know how well we are doing compared to others.

None of this is at all useful when it comes to our spiritual life.

God does not look at our daily output for him and say “You can’t go to bed yet, you haven’t done NEARLY as much as so-and-so”. His only standard for us is the PERFECT Jesus.

Imagine being in a tunnel where is it pitch dark. There is no light whatsoever.
Then someone appears at the other end of the tunnel with a torch. It is a tiny pinprick of light. This is the light of the world entering the darkness of sin in the heart of a, now, believer.
This delights God.

He sees the light as the light of his son and he is delighted.
If that light never gets any bigger, he is still delighted with the light.

However, having a bit of light in the dark causes the desire for more light, so the person with the torch moves deeper into the tunnel and the light fills more of the darkness. From where we are standing the light gets bigger.
This is our walk with the Lord, as he fills more and more of the dark recesses of our hearts.

Unlike this analogy (any of which are too limiting) his light actually does drive out the dark, rather than being replaced by it as soon as the light moves forward. In our heart’s case, the light fills the soul and is never driven out again.

Jesus has as much darkness in him, as our tunnel had light to begin with. Not one tiny spot of it.
So our guide to where we are, is how much light is there in us?
Are we yet perfect?
Of course, we will never be in this life, as there is still darkness in the world, so we just keep submitting to him, changing, going forward into the light and forget the milestones we put up in our natural lives.

As we submit more and more to his spirit filling us, we become more and more like him. As we are filled with more and more light we have less and less darkness.

It is the light on which God focuses. The fact it is there pleases him, the fact it is growing pleases him.
He does not love one more than the other. He longs to see it grow, because he knows the more light we have in us, the more love, peace and joy we will have in us, but he loves the tiny light and the fully encompassing light the same.

Reducing God’s love to the terms we use for human love is not worthy of him or us. God does not look on our efforts or our behaviour and say “Well, she tried hard and I love that”.
He is not impressed with us, as people, he is only impressed with the light of his son in us and how that shines out into the world.

As we are all individual he sees each light individually and loves each, unconditionally and individually, but his love can never be defined in human terms.

If you are flagging as you see how others are so much more spiritual than you, or have so much more knowledge of the Bible than you, stop for a moment and look at the light in you. Is it growing? Can you see you are more like him than you once were?
That’s what counts.

The light in you is the Light of the World and the Father is very pleased to see it in you.



  1. AMEN!!

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