Posted by: forfreedomalone | 05/06/2017

What is this thing called love? 3

As we transition from what love is, to what love is not, we sort of get a run of three.
These three often go together.
We frequently encounter people who are jealous of what someone else has. They are bitter that that thing is not theirs and so they boast about what they have, as though to make smaller the achievement of the other person. Their boasting is full of pride at their own achievements or possessions.
Jealousy is a response to what others have or do, arrogance and boasting are responses to what we have or do.
Neither has any place in love.
Some Christians are jealous of the ministry of others. They want to be in the place of the international speaker, the TV star, the leader in the church. They have lost sight of what they do have and how valuable that is, they want more and they want what someone else had.
Some, in those coveted positions, boast of what they have or who they are. Their ministry or church is the one where the FULL Gospel is preached, where the Spirit is to be found, where famous names come to preach.
We see none of this behaviour with God.
Jesus had more reason than anyone to boast about who he was, yet he frequently told people and even demons to be quiet.
He had plenty of reason to boast about how great his relationship was with the Father, but he never did.
He could have been arrogant with the Pharisees who were supposed to be the guardians of the faith and who were creating burdens they would not carry themselves, for the backs of others. He never was.
We never see in either the Father nor the Son the attitude of jealousy, arrogance or boasting. We only see humility and rejoicing in the joy of others.
When you succeed He rejoices, when you gain he is pleased for you, when he had something you lack, he generously and humbly provides it.
God is love and God is NEVER jealous, arrogant or boastful.

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