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What is this thing called love? 5

Finally, after a long ‘chat’ about what love does and does not do, with the Corinthians, Paul gets to, what may be regarded as, the nub of the argument.

Love does not remember the long list of offenses it has already been caused. It does not expect to be offended again by So-and-So because they ALWAYS do. It does not roll out the scroll of past trespasses when yet another is added to the list.

It does not even understand the process of mental cross-referencing, it just lets all past offenses go. It forgives.

In constantly bring to recall all that someone has done to offend we are rejoicing in unrighteousness because we are never focusing on the truth.
The whole issue of focusing on truth is a very interesting one.There are many levels of ‘truth’. Truth can, in a sense be relative.It is true that there are people who believe that the earth is flat. To those people it is true that the earth IS flat.However, if we were to convert them all to the understanding that the earth is round then it would no longer be true that there are people who believe the earth is flat.That truth is relative; it is relative to there being people who believe it.
This is not so with ultimate truth. Ultimate truth, the highest truth, the truth which stands alone and is in no way, whatsoever, dependent on anything else to be truth, is God. He alone is ‘self-existent’ which is what Jehovah means.If everything else ceased to exist he would still exist and his word would still be the word of truth.What he says on any subject is truth, in its highest and purest form.
He is love and he is kind, he is long-suffering, he does not constantly remind us of who he is and what HE can do, he is pleased for us in our tiniest achievements, he forgives ALL our iniquities and he does not bring them back to mind.

He takes no pleasure in unrighteousness but ‘thinks’ constantly on what is true.

His ways are higher than our way and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

He is constantly drawing us back to himself and his righteousness, but we are constantly pulling away and redefining what is ‘good and evil’ from our vast and acquired knowledge having eaten from The Tree.

We know best.

Yes, Paul finishes by telling them, throughout it all, all of the offenses, hurts, rebellion, arrogance, pride, judgment and self-aggrandisement, love is constant. It continues through all things, it believes that the subject of its love will recognise it, it hopes and it endures for the sake of the one it loves.

We are made in his image, yet we have wandered far.We are not perfect in word, thought or deed, but we are perfect in spirit. We have all that we need within ourselves, in the form of the Holy Spirit to be loving, as God defines it.
All we lack is the will.

The church today is one of the most dangerous places for the hurting to be. Even among the brethren there is no evidence of love, many times. My rights, my opinion, my way are all that count and others better tow the line.

We are in a day when the Lord is calling his people to return to His way. He loved the world so much he died for her, but the thing which will draw them to his love is how we, the church, love one another.

Jesus ‘new’ commandment was not that we should love the world, but that we are to love ONE ANOTHER, AS HE LOVED US. He laid down his life for his friends. He told the disciples “This is how they will know you ARE my disciples, by the way you love ONE ANOTHER”. (John 13:35)

It is only when his people, who are called by his name, humble themselves and pray and seek his face (listen to him) and turn from their wicked ways (they definition of good and evil) that he will hear and heal their land.

Any way we have decided to take, which is different to the way he has told us to take, is a ‘wicked way’.
Romans 4:2 tells us that “it is the goodness of God” which causes a man to repent, to turn around and change his mind. The word, translated as ‘goodness’ means “moral purity, excellence of integrity”.
When men see the moral purity and excellence of integrity of God, displayed through his people, they will turn. They will know we are his and they will want what we have, because what we have will be SO different to what they have.

Are we loving one another as he has told us to love one another?
None of us do. We all fail. But will we turn?

Will we humble ourselves and confess that we have redefined God’s morality, we have decided, just as Adam and Eve did, that we know best and we have failed to show the world what and who love is.
If we will there is a great healing waiting to be poured out on our lands.


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