Posted by: forfreedomalone | 12/07/2017

Then and now

The greatest error in teaching on ‘then’ and ‘now’, in my opinion, is the teaching that ‘then’ salvation/righteousness was based on works and ‘now’ is based on faith.
This error is based on focusing on the wrong place and drawing the wrong conclusions from the information.
It was not the keeping of the Commandments which made the ‘then’ people righteous, it was the offering of sacrifices. It was the blood which atoned for them, not their works. The blood of many, many, many animals. Not one drop of that blood was perfect and not one drop of it was good enough to atone for them for more than one year, and this was ALL God’s grace, not works.
In later times the Israelites broke the covenant they had with God by going after other gods. This, in turn, meant that they were no longer sacrificing to God, but to false gods, which meant that the means of God’s grace had been nullified towards them.
It is patently ridiculous to say that they could, in any way, achieve righteousness by working hard enough for it, but this conclusion has been reached by looking at the wrong part of the Commandments, Judgements and Ordinances. The Ordinances were where the atonement of sin lay and the Ordinances were fulfilled in the Cross.
Righteousness was always and still is, TOTALLY, dependent upon the blood you have to offer on the Mercy Seat. Then it was the blood of animals, now it is the blood of the Son of God. Then it was accepted by the goodness of God, now it is accepted by the goodness of God.
Righteous was and still is dependent on the death of another on our behalf, the big difference is that ‘now’ it is no longer an animal’s death, but the death of God’s own son, whose perfect blood has made all future atonement no longer required.

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