Posted by: forfreedomalone | 28/07/2017

Why are you who you are?

Once, in a very ancient kingdom, the rulers of all the provinces got together to choose the next High King. They considered all the men who were suitable for the position and, having deliberated for weeks, chose the fellow they considered most likely to be the best leader of the people.
An envoy was sent to tell him that he was now High King of the land. He could not believe his ears! Me? Surely not?!
“Yes, Sire”, said the envoy, “You were chosen and so now you are High King. You have all the powers and rights of the High King and you are the person who is to lead and care for the people”.
The King went about for days muttering to himself “I am the King. I am the King”. It just didn’t seem to sink in very easily.
Gradually and tentatively he began to assume his duties, but still he muttered “I am the King, I am the King”. He would stand in front of his dressing mirror and practice “I AM the KING!”, but it took a lot longer before he was really confident of that fact.
After a few months his courtiers noticed that he was uttering his mutterings with greater confidence. “He’s beginning to believe it”, they said. “Now we will have a father for the nation”.
More months passed and still he told himself constantly “I am the King”, but now his tone was changing, arrogance was creeping in to his assertions. His awareness of his position was not one of benevolence, as had been hoped, but one of pride and conceit. As time passed he became more and more aware of just WHO he was!
“I am the King!!”, he would cry as he marched about the palace. “I am the King!!” he would declare whenever anyone questioned a decision, “I am the KING!!!” he would shout when asked at what hour he should be expected to begin the work of the day.
There was never any doubt, in the minds of his people, about just who he was.
In time he went to a neighbouring country to visit the King and Queen there. His counterpart could not have been more different to himself. The foreign King rose early and was in conference with his ministers for hours in the morning. “Where is the King?” demanded the visitor. “He is working, Sire”, replied the courtiers. “WORKING!!?”, yelled the affronted monarch, “Yes, Sire. That is how the King takes care of his people”.
The mornings were filled with discussions, the afternoons with hearing petitions, evenings stretched long into the night as the working King considered the country and its management, his people and their needs.
Finally, the visitor could take no more of being ignored. He marched into his host’s meeting chamber and demanded that they go riding together. “An excellent idea”, said the host, “We will go this afternoon to the village on the other edge of the forest and see the head man there. He wants to talk to me about water”.
So they rode together to the village and the visitor’s eyes were opened. The King spoke with the head man of the village, learned of the problem of the blocked well, consulted his accompanying ministers and arrange for a work team to come and help unblock it or dig a new one. He listened to his people, he got dirty examining the problem and he arranged a solution. When the visitor, shocked at how low his host had stooped, reminded him, “You are the KING!”, the man replied, “Yes, my friend, this is what Kings do”.
When he returned home he determined to change his ways. He WAS the King, there was no doubt about that, but his focus had been entirely upon himself and his position, now he resolved to turn his focus towards others and use his position for their benefit. In his early years, he was one of the most useless Kings they ever had, in his last years he was one of the best Kings they ever had.
Being a King is one thing; living and reigning like one is quite another.

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