Posted by: forfreedomalone | 06/08/2017

Even the angels long to hear.

At various points in history and certainly in the history of the church, God has revealed something previously unknown to people.In Exodus 6:3 he tells Moses that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob know him as ‘El Shaddi’ but now his people would know him as ‘Yahwah’. He did not say, “I will no longer be know as El Shaddi, I will now be Yahwah”. He did not cease to be The Almighty, in order to become,The Self Existent, in fact, being The Almighty was, actually, rooted in being The Self Existent. He added to the revelation the Israelites already had, he did not say “That name is no longer of any use or important to you, here is my new name, I’ll use it from now on”.
1Peter 1:12 tells us that there are things into which the angels have longed to look, these things were revealed to the prophets of old, that they could point to Christ and so that when the Gospel was preached it was already confirmed by what had been written aforetime.
Can you imagine what a shaking there must have been in the synagogues and market squares when what they thought they knew was added to? Can you begin to comprehend how new, additional, knowledge must have threatened them? They would have thought that knowing this new thing undermined the old thing. They would have been very insecure about what they thought they knew, until they were willing to add what they were now being taught to what they already knew and discover how much richer it made the overall picture.
Then, of course, there were the traditions of men. Those would have to go, because now they were fully exposed, by the additional revelation. So there would have been people who were agog to hear, people who were totally closed to hearing anything, people who were afraid of what this new revelation would do to their currently held beliefs and those who would not only fear their beliefs being undermined but who were not will to have the new revelation even preached.
Today the church is no different.
There is a great unwillingness to be taught something new. The ears of the fearful are shut up, yet the angels have longed to hear and know what is being taught. There is fear that if what one believes now is shown to be wrong then one is not really saved, or will look foolish, or that one may have been preaching a false Gospel. God does not reveal additional material to erase the previous revelation, he reveals it to ADD to previous revelation. If we want the FULL counsel of God we need to be willing to move with him when he adds to what he has revealed before.
It is unbelievable arrogance to assume that God, the Almighty, The Self Existent, the one who knows ALL things, should have revealed everything to us and have nothing he now wants to tell us, which we have never before heard. Do we deny him his right to say, “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; did you not know it?” (Isa 43:19) just because WE conclude he has already done “a new thing”?
Being teachable does not mean that we take on board EVERY new doctrine, that we follow EVERY new thinking or emotional craze. It means we are open to hearing from God, through any means, no matter how much it threatens our doctrine. If what we are being told is rubbish, can not God tell us so? If what we currently believe is the truth are we in danger of swapping truth for lies if we listen to teaching we have never heard? Of course we are not, if we are listening to God.
So many tell us they are following God, but will not be taught, they fear new teaching because they do not trust God to teach them. New teaching is vilified, the teachers pilloried. There is no discernment in action, to separate new teaching from God and new teaching from man. There is fear where there should be love and there are closed ears where they should be open.
If what you are hearing is heresy, if it goes against the Word of God, then it will be obvious. Telling people that everyone is already saved, or that, in due course, all will go to heaven is totally against what the Apostles and Christ himself taught. This is not additional information, it is alternative information. But if you are told that, for example, the ‘new’ and ‘old’ mentioned in Hebrews 10:9 refer to sacrificial systems and not covenants, a simple reading of the previous verses of the chapter will confirm this…..but ONLY if you are willing to see it.
IF your beliefs are really traditions of men, wouldn’t you be better without them? Why keep what is only toxic to your faith?
Do not rush hither and thither with every new wind of doctrine, but do be open to hearing what you have never before heard and which challenges you. Trust God to teach you the new things he has for you, which even his angels have been anxious to know. The end result is deeper relationship with the Father and greater faith. Isn’t that what we all want?

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