Posted by: forfreedomalone | 07/08/2017

What is ‘sin’?

The discussion of sin came up again the other day. It’s a fairly hot topic in my world 😏
The gentleman who started the conversation was outraged that another person had had the audacity to tell him that the sharp way in which he had just spoken to his father was sin. Quite why this conversation occurred I never found out, but the point it raised was that Mr A felt ‘judged’ by Mr B and Mr A felt Mr B had no right to tell him what was and what wasn’t sin.
For centuries, if not longer, people have been fighting about this subject. Is gluttony really a sin? Is theft a ‘bigger’ sin that pride? Without doubt homosexuality is the ‘worst’ sin of them all!!
What is ‘sin’ and who has the right to call it so? What are the penalties for sin? Do the ‘big’ sins have a worse penalty than the ‘small’ one?
On and on people have argued and fought over the subject of sin when, really, the Bible makes the whole thing quite plain.
In the beginning God told Adam and Eve what they may and may not do. We could say, he defined what was ‘good’ for them and what was ‘bad’ for them and he told them what would happen to them if they chose the ‘bad’ things; they would die.
This was the creation of morality. Morality is the quality of being moral and moral means “concerned with or relating to human behaviour, especially the distinction between good or bad, right and wrong behaviour” (Collins English Dictionary)
God defined, right at the very beginning of time, what was ‘right and wrong’, ‘good and bad’. Why he so defined things was not theirs to question, but they did. Tempted into rebellion, Eve looked at the fruit and saw that it was good to eat (according to her) and so she concluded that it must BE good to eat. The eating of the fruit gave her the Knowledge of Good and Evil (of right and wrong, of good and bad). Now she could decide for herself what was right and wrong, she didn’t need God to tell her, but she was lacking one vital component to making those decisions the way God would make them and that was his spirit of life, She only had KNOWLEDGE, which in and of itself is dead. Knowledge needs vitality, head needs heart, to bring it fully to life, to give it fullness and meaning, otherwise it is dry and dusty, like death itself.
From that day to this man had been redefining morality. Man has been saying what HE thinks is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but ignoring what God says. God clearly set out the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, in minute detail at Sinai, he showed the people just how ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ worked, how far it stretched. He, in effect, said to them, “If you want to live by the Knowledge of Good and Evil, here it is in all its glory. This is what ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ look like.” He knew that man cannot live with such knowledge. He knew that man could not always do ‘right’ and never do ‘wrong’ from the stand point of head knowledge, which is what they were trying to do. He knew that when they presented themselves to him, in all their ‘righteousness’, proud as punch and full of their ability, he would have to wipe them off the face of the earth because he cannot allow sin into his presence. Oh, they would think they had done a WONDERFUL job, they may even have done a wonderful job, if one looked only at how many boxes they had ticked, but the very act of redefining morality was sin and so even if they had achieved it all, under their own steam, he could not accept them.
God sees no one ‘sin’ as bigger or worse, or smaller or lesser than any other. If we have redefined what HE says is ‘wrong’ we are in ‘sin’. It is as simple as that. If we are in sin we will be ‘miserable as sin’ because man was never created to live in that state. Guilt, shame, condemnation, depression, they are all the results of living in a state at odds with God’s morality. No matter how often or how vociferously people claim that it is not so, no one who lives at odds with God’s morality has the love, joy and peace, which comes from the Holy Spirit…the helper, who lives with us, in us, causing us to live in alignment with God’s morality FROM OUR HEARTS, not from our HEADS.
The church has become a victim of the toxic thinking of the world, otherwise known as, political correctness. This is a toxin which began in the world, it belongs to the world and they have a higher immunity to it than we do. Political correctness is leading Christians away from God’s morality and into a mire of deadly quicksand. We must accept all (so that means all behaviours and lifestyles too), we must be tolerant (even though God is not), we must redefine ‘tolerant’ to mean loving, but then we define ‘love’ in a way God never did. We cannot correct a brother or sister (this is ‘judgement’) and cannot distance ourselves from sinful activities and attitudes (this is prejudice), we cannot call a spade a spade because we are narrow minded and unforgiving.
We need to get back to basics and be willing to speak truth in love. Yes, speaking to his parents in a sharp way was ‘sin’, he should be called to book over it, but it should be done in a loving way, with the intention of building him up, not tearing him down. His correction should lead to a deeper relationship with God and his parents, not a destruction of the man himself. Judging is not pointing out error it is condemning to punishment. We have no authority to punish anyone for their sin, but we have a duty in love to bring back a brother or sister who has strayed, even slightly, from the Way.
Love one another, bear with one another, watch over one another in love and do not sin. In these days having a pure heart, free of sin, before God is vital for US, so that we can hear his voice leading us through the quagmire of sin and suffering the world has become.

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