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Almost daily someone sends me, or posts to my timeline, an encouraging quote. The intention of the quote is ….(you’ll never guess!)… encourage and the intent of sharing it is, likewise, to encourage, however, many, while sounding esoteric actually produce a feeling of ‘need to work’ in the recipient.

Today, my attention was drawn to a quote from a well known speaker, “One person walking with God is in the majority, so one person believing the Lord can change the atmosphere where you live and where you work.”. The majority of readers were full of ‘amens’ and ‘this is truth’ type comments, but what does it mean and how does it encourage you?

It is intended to show you that you + God is a powerful combination. That when we are with him no weapon formed against us can prosper etc. and, fair enough, if that encouraged you, don’t let me rain on your parade. But if your next thought was “Humm, but how do I walk in that?” or “Am I changing the atmosphere at work or home?”, or “How do I do that?”, you may want to read on.

One person walking with God is not in the majority. They are in the minority, but they have more power than the majority. Nothing the world has can equal God, nothing the demonic real can conjure up can equal God, so God + you is a very powerful combination. If you are in God and God is in you then you bring the presence of God with you wherever you go.

There is no doubt one person can change the atmosphere, but the key issue, in the statement, is ‘believing’. “One person BELIEVING God” can do more than millions who do not believe.But the question is, are we believing?

If the heart is not at rest in faith it is not believing.
No amount of effort will change that, no amount of reading inspiring quotes will change that, the ONLY thing which will change that is it to be immersed in the presence of the Almighty Himself.

David said, in Psalm 100, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him and bless His name”. It is by praise and thanksgiving that we find ourselves in the Holy of Holies. We enter into His presence when we praise Him, when we are thankful to Him and when we bless His name.
A simple Google search will dig up dozens of names of God for which to bless Him. He is our peace, our prosperity, our wholeness, He is our safe hiding place, our rock, our eternal anchor. HE is worthy of blessing, praise and gratitude for WHO HE IS, not for what He has done. Lay down all your burdens and requests and enter His presence. Praise and bless HIM and see your life change.

This is SUCH a simple thing to do, yet it seems too simply for most. They want something harder to do, something which sounds like it has virtue and righteousness inherently woven into it, but this is what God called us to do. In the next verse David says “For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting and His truth endureth to all generations”. David knew he got in touch with God’s goodness and His everlasting truth when he praised and gave thanks.

There are so many cheerleading the church into more and deeper faith and it isn’t working. There are just more and more dead works lying around the place. People trying to believe, trying to put into practice a good idea, or ‘work of faith’, and failing miserably because their hearts are not at rest in faith.

Don’t even think about ‘walking in it’, whatever ‘it’ is.
Forget it.
Just focus on worshiping God for who He is and let the rest take care of itself.


  1. AMEN! The first commandment; Love GOD! It doesn’t say anywhere; Do a Bunch of good things for God. God has to do the “real” work, and we just let Him work through us by paying attention to his still small voice and responding when He prompts us. So we DO do lots of things, as God moves us off the couch and into the world we live in.

    Sorry, don’t mean to write a sermon, but you got me going 🙂

    • Sermonise all you like 🙂
      I am getting a little sick of hearing how much we need to focus on how much God loves us. Yes, he loves me more than life itself. I got that. Now I am to love God.
      It’s not an action, it’s not ‘doing-to-get’, it is a response. If a person has got the message that God loves them they need to set that lesson aside and start loving God. It is only in the immersing of ourselves in praise and thanksgiving, blessing HIS name, that we are built up in the faith and come to know his love even more. We don’t feel his love more by reading fluffy, back patting, soundbites, but by obeying his commands, because they draw us closer to him, which is where we need to be to know and experience more of his love.

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