Posted by: forfreedomalone | 06/09/2017

Why is the world such a dark place?

As we hear of wars, rumours of wars, natural disasters and civil order break down, people are saying “What has happened to the world? It is such a dark place nowadays”.
There are more ‘explanations’ that you could shake a stick at but there is one explanation and one only.
The Church has failed to be a light in the darkness and, as a result, the darkness has got darker. The brilliance of the light which Christ shone in the world has dwindled to the flicker of a dying candle.
What was the ‘light’?
It was the light of the righteousness of God. It was holiness personified.
As the church has more and more associated ‘works’ with self righteousness and taught that we ARE righteous when we come to Christ, the Church has sat back in true, smug, self-satisfied self-righteousness and said “We ARE righteous because we believe. We can never lose that righteousness. We are perfect” and watched the world go to hell.
The word, most commonly, translated as “justified” in the Greek, means “declared righteous”. If Tom, Dick and Harry, declare Jenny to be ‘one of the boys’, she does not BECOME a boy, she is just treated as one. Having been declared ‘one of the boys’ Jenny now gets to join in their games, play with their toys and show other girls what fun can be had as ‘one of the boys’.
She is not a boy, but she will also not remain ‘one of the boys’ if she does not join in.
The Church has concluded it is righteous, perfect, holy and just, so nothing is now required of it. Holy living, working out their salvation, obeying God’s commands, are all passé, for another age, not for the enlightened. Oh really!?
Jesus said that he did not come to do away with God’s law, but he came to establish it, as the rule of law in the world. This was the law which was to be the force of law which stood as the guide for all humanity. We were to take this torch and shine it in the darkness of the sinful world, the world where man made the rules, man decided morality and man was lord. We, the Church, were to live to a much higher standard. We were to continue what he began, the establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth. A Kingdom will fall with no law, not justice system. God’s justice system has been treated with contempt by his Church for so long that his Kingdom is teetering on earth.
God may love us, indeed he loves us more than life itself, but we have shamefully let him down by grabbing the goodies and running. We have rejoiced in the salvation he has freely given us and then told him where to shove his morality and justice. We have rejoiced in how much HE loves US, but then we treat our siblings like dirt. We will not correct, or hold to account, in love, those who are going astray because we are afraid of ‘judging’, of being hypocrites; we show no love for the children of God from totally self serving agendas. We declare that his wrath was poured out on the Cross and ignore the warning that we are storing up wrath for ourselves for the Day of Wrath, yet to come.
Romans Chapter 2 explains this very well. This chapter is NOT being written to unbelievers but to believers. The word ‘sinned’ in this chapter is a verb. That means, that it is a ‘doing’ word, not a state of being. Paul is telling them, in no uncertain terms, that they, even though they claim to be Christ’s, are still sinning, from a “hard and impenitent heart”, for it is “not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God, but the doers of the law (who) will be justified”.
This is the Jewish month of Elul. It is a month of repentance and preparation for the arrival of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. The New Year and the Day of Atonement. It is their tradition that this was the month when Moses spent time preparing the second set of tablets to receive the second writing of the law. (The first set were given to him by God but the second set had to be provided by Moses). Moses’ heart was heavy as, when he came down with the first set, he was faced with the idolatry of the people in the shape of a golden calf. Now he has to go back and face God. As their representative before God Moses is humiliated, shameful and sorrowful.
God will never turn away a repentant heart, but he will not receive one which is pride filled and self righteous. We are in the latter days of the latter days, we are a Church filled with pride and self seeking. We want to receive from God yet we are very reluctant to give to him. He will not reward such attitudes.
This is a the day of repentance before the day of wrath.
Can we in all conscience say we have lived lives which drew the lost to the light? There may have been one small moth now and again, but has there been a swarm? There was with Jesus, there should be with us.
We need to examine our hearts today, repent of the sin we have returned to, of our contempt for the law of God. We need to return so that we may walk in the love which God has had for all people since the beginning of time. The time is short to let go of our self serving lifestyle and to adopt one of God serving, but it is not yet too late……

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