Posted by: forfreedomalone | 17/01/2019

Flatulent fast food

Today we have access to more information than man has ever had access to; we are awash in it. The development of the internet has allowed more or less anyone, more or less anywhere, to access information on more or less anything. Yet people are worse educated than ever, they have less knowledge, less wisdom, less discernment. They are overloaded with information but they are not better off, they are worse.

Once upon a time we had trusted sources of information; The Oxford English Dictionary, The Encyclopaedia Britannica; teachers, lecturers, Professors. Nowadays, anyone can write a list of words and call it a dictionary, spelling and meaning are made up as they go; the current most used ‘encyclopaedia’ is written by everyone and anyone, many of whom have no knowledge of their subject, yet can control the content; those who teach on any level are adopting the American pomposity of calling everyone who teaches a ‘professor’, thereby lowering the value of decades of research, knowledge, experience and the highest level of learning.

Everything has been reduced to the lowest common denominator, so that everyone can feel that they are as informed as everyone else. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil has produced a glut of fruit.

In the body of Christ this has had the effect of doctrines being made up weekly, catchphrases taking the place of quoted Scripture, the ‘feel good factor’ being sought in messages and sermons being replaced with cheer leading. The sheep think they are well fed because they are bloated on hot air. Their stomachs are full of spiritual, flatulence producing fast food, lacking any nutrition or true sustenance. The babes are being kept on milk long after they should have been weaned.

If you are among those who have opted for the spoon feed, easy life; who have accepted everything they are taught by someone who makes them feel good; who doesn’t want to be challenged or have to rise an hour earlier to study for themselves; who has chosen to believe that the Bible is too hard to understand and that half of it is outdated anyway, you should ask yourself this question…Is what I have been offered and chosen to eat going to sustain me if I am faced with a fast?

Question what you are taught, search the Scriptures for yourself, challenge doctrine, challenge what you now believe, be brave enough to strip it back to the basic question, “Is there a God?”. Truth will stand in the face of the harshest questioning, in fact, it is strengthened by it. The Holy Spirit is waiting to teach those who long to be taught, but he has little to offer those who just want more candyfloss.

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