Posted by: forfreedomalone | 08/02/2019

When silence is wisdom.

Pride and arrogance were the sins which caused man to fall and they are still working mightily in man today. They rear their ugly heads in all sorts of places and ways, but frequently they pop up, as does the prince of darkness, disguised as an angel of light. No more so than when Mr A is trying to get a point across to Mr B who isn’t accepting it at all.

Mr A will batter away at the pride and arrogance of Mr B, with more and more information. Naturally, the more information he has the more likely he is to humble himself and admit he is wrong. Mr B will resist stalwartly. Mr A will get hot under the collar, he will get exasperated and ultimately may lose his cool with Mr B, who really needs to see how arrogant he is!

How often have we seen this scenario on facebook?

But what we rarely see is Mr A recognising that Mr B is either blind or deaf, or both. If this revelation would hit Mr A he would recognise that Mr B CANNOT get his point because he never saw or heard it; he is blind or deaf or both. More information won’t help, more words in capitals (shouting) won’t help; he can’t get it and nothing bar the good Lord opening his eyes and ears will change that situation. What needs to happen now is for Mr A to walk away. Walking away from this pointless ‘discussion’ is the only thing which will save the relationship.

Mr A has concluded that Mr B is arrogant and proud, but if Mr A were to consider that Mr B is blind and deaf, he would then have to conclude that he is the one who is arrogant and proud.

Humility does not open the eyes of the blind nor the ears of the deaf, any more and endless attempts at persuasion. But it does take humility to recognise that what is required of you now, is not more argument, but silence. For as Job said, “O that ye would altogether hold your peace! and it should be your wisdom.”

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