Posted by: forfreedomalone | 15/02/2019

Who, exactly, are you fighting?

Sometimes, because I have not been associated with the organised ‘church’ for so long, I forget what they are taught and believe; so, when someone reminds me of a forgotten doctrine I burst out laughing. Totally inappropriate I grant you, but spontaneous.

So it was the other day when someone was talking to me about some of the things they were going through in their life at the moment. They are really crushed by a lot of it and it was easy to see they were struggling. Then came the tipping point for me, “I just have to fight the devil harder”, she said, “but he is SO strong, it is really hard to fight all the time. I know I have all the tools and I just need to believe in who I am, but I don’t understand why God doesn’t help me. Satan is SO strong, you know. “. I roared. I apologised and then I laughed some more.

No wonder people struggle if this is what they are taught. However, what turned my laughing to crying was, in conversation, to discover that they are also taught that the very idea that it is GOD who is in charge of her suffering is heretical. In that lie, lies the drain down which her victory is seeping away.

On the day that the church declared the Old Testament passed, gone and of, virtually, no use, bar history lessons, they deprived believers of the most important stone of faith on which to stand, GOD DOES NOT CHANGE. I know he doesn’t because HE said so, in almost the last words in the Old Testament. (Do you think he may have know that people were going to come along, very shortly thereafter, and tell the world that he HAD changed??)

Here it is, in Malachi 3:6 “For I the Lord do not change”. There are only 12 more verses in the Old Testament, so there’s really no reason to have forgotten he said it by the time you finish reading that section; before you hit that blank page on which he obviously changed because he is painted as a TOTALLY different god on the page after that. The Old Testament, or as Jesus, Paul and everyone else of their day called them, “The Scriptures”, are VITAL for us to understand the nature and character of God and, therefore, Jesus. We simply CANNOT know Jesus without knowing the character of God; we will be left to fill in the blanks according to our own ideas, which is exactly what the church has done for 2,000 years.

Read the stories of Noah, Jonah, Joseph and David; read the history of Israel; read the Old Testament and you will find again and again and again, GOD brought enemies against his people to discipline them, to strengthen them and to refine them. God was the one who gave Ha’satan (the adversary) the permission to put Job through a living hell. Ha’satan did not have the power or authority to set off on his own initiative to do ANYTHING to Job. He needed God’s permission. Lucifer rebelled against God, he did not become God. He has NO power or authority of his own; he never did and his rebellion didn’t somehow gain him it. He is only doing what he is commissioned or permitted to do.

Now, if this is true, where does that leave us?Good question, glad you asked.
It leave us not needing to fight Ha’satan, but needing to hold fast to God. Those are two very different things. Fighting Ha’satan is as pointless as resisting the Regimental Sergeant Major who is training you for the finest Regiment in the army. What do you think you will achieve? You will exhaust yourself by putting all your energy into the wrong activities. If you worked with him you could still expend the same amount of energy and actually achieve something.

The point of trials and testing is not to make you a stronger warrior, it is to make you a stronger believer. Trials and tests are designed to ask the fundamental question, “Will you trust me anyway?”. It seems that the church retorts, “Who could trust a God who did those things to them? That’s NOT love!!” Really? By whose definition?It is love in God’s dictionary.
When trials and test come and we start yelling and shouting at Ha’satan, commanding, demanding, releasing and binding, we are just shadow boxing. When we turn to the Father and say, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him” we become stronger in our faith, we become immune to attacks, we will not be shaken, we become a total bore. Who wants to play with a bore?

The whole point of God’s love, manifest in these things, is to refine and strengthen us to the point that NOTHING will shake our faith in him. Then he can use us in the really big and hard assignments. We have become God’s SAS troops. If we start yelling at our enemy on every occasion we are as useless as small children who scream constantly. They are exceedingly wearing and cannot be sent to do anything which may, in the least degree, challenge them. They make so much noise they drive the rest of the troops nuts and only focus the enemy’s fire.

If you are going through tough times stop fighting Ha’satan and turn to your heavenly father. Learn to understand love by HIS definition, not the world’s. Love is not always soft and cuddly, sometimes it is as hard as flint. Love trains those it loves to endure in enemy territory, to go without rations for days, weeks or months. It prepares those, who will fight in the hardest places, to know how to navigate and endure in the most inhospitable deserts on earth; it knows that victory is not won in an arm chair by the fire, but out in the cold and heat, discomfort and misery of battlegrounds.
A day is coming and coming soon, when you will find yourself surrounded by your enemies and you will need all the commando training you are currently refusing to endure to make it possible to survive. The Officer in charge of your training wants you not only to survive but to overcome, be victorious and be decorated at the end; this IS love. Will you fight with him, or will you fight him?

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