Posted by: forfreedomalone | 16/03/2019

It’s not hard, it’s hidden.

The eyes to see and the ears to hear are not achieved by effort to understand; they are given as a gift.

Without them God’s word remains hidden, with them things are revealed.

The word of God is not complicated or hard to understand; it does not require more hours of study or greater intelligence to grasp its meaning. It is impossible to understand by more study or greater intelligence.

It requires light to be shone on it, for the meaning to be revealed, for our eyes to be opened that we may understand. This is a work of God.

If the Scripture is closed to you seek the heart of God that he will enlighten your eyes. If you think Scripture is open to you, seek the heart of God, he has much more hidden that you think.

The things which are hidden are God’s, but the things which are revealed are ours. It is the glory of God to hide a matter, but the glory of kings to search it out.

Only when we have reach the point of being able to say, “I see Lord! Give me sight” will we start to have the understanding, knowledge and wisdom which come from God alone.

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