Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/03/2019

How far will you go?

One of the most difficult things we are asked to do, as people who say they trust God, is to actually trust God. It is easy to trust him when all is going along as well as we could possibly want it to. It is harder when things are a bit sticky, but it is hardest of all when someone you love and care about is heading for hell, or currently going through it.

All our religious teaching tells us to yell at the devil, to loose and bind, to pray for them, to do SOMETHING!
All of these actions tend to be taken upon our assessment of the situation and our desires for the well being of the suffering one. But the problem is, we are not equipped to make these decisions and we rarely stop to ask God how he would like us to work with him, if indeed, he would at all.

When the church decided on the doctrine that “God is good and only good” or put another way, “God is good, all the time” they had to define “good” and the definition which was arrived at erased concepts such as discipline, testing, trials, refining, purifying, sanctifying and training in righteousness. “Good” has become all the concepts we might like to think someone would bring to our lives if we were in charge of bringing them. Things like perfect health, financial security, relationship harmony, peace in the world, and so on. This ‘sculpting’ of God’s heart to fit ours has resulted in people’s journeys with God being stymied or hauled completely. As goes the old saw, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

If we truly are going to trust God, we need to be willing to step back and let people suffer. We need to be wiling to see that refining requires fire. We need to be willing to see situations as God sees them and stop trying to force him to see as we do. We need to be willing to accept that he has a greater plan for that person than we do and going through hell is involved. If we step in and try to impose our will on the situation we stop their journey and get them stuck in hell, not in transition through it.

I recently was asked to join the a prayer board of an international reaching church. I turned it down, as I have never yet seen a prayer group who will spend their time in prayer asking for God’s will to be made clear to them for So-and-So, or Such-and-Such a situation and then, no matter what he says, get in line with him. They all want to pray for healing, prosperity, etc and “bind and loose” whatever comes to mind, shout at the devil and generally impose their will on the situation. I have never been around people who first ask God what HIS will is and them follow that; even if it is to pray that the suffering increase, in order to lead the person either to Christ, or deeper into relationship with him.

When Jesus was asked how we should pray he said, “Thy will be done”. When he was in the throws of suffering in his soul, prior to being crucified, he asked if this cup could pass from him, but then qualified this request with, “Not my will, but thine be done”.
When we say we trust God, we need to consider just how far we do trust him. Do we trust him to turn up the heat and bring us (or others) out unsinged and free of the smell of smoke, in the end? Do we trust him with our lives and those of others, to do with as HE wills, even when the smoke is rising and the flames aleaping?

This level of trust is not asked of us the day we meet him, but it is asked of us eventually, if we are to pursue a deep and lasting relationship with him. Are you willing to stop praying for others until you receive word of HIS will and to pray HIS will into the situation even if YOU don’t understand? This is the test we are set if we want to advance to the highest level of relationship based upon trust.

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