Posted by: forfreedomalone | 11/08/2019

Free to be a slave.

Someone asked, on my Facebook For Freedom Alone page, if man had free will. I think the answer could be useful here, although I have already written about it things do tend to get lost.

No, he does not. 
Man is chosen by God, or not chosen, he has the free will to respond. (John 15:16)
Thereafter, he is a servant of God, if he chose to accept; a servant of evil, if he did not.

If you are my servant you do not have free will to decide what you will do, where you will do, what you say etc, you are bound to me and you do as I do, go where I go, say what I say. (John 5:19)

To the one to whom you yield yourself, you are his slave. (Romans 6:16) But everyone is a slave to someone. (John 8:34)

How can you say you are a servant of God, yet believe you have free will to choose what you will do; which path you will walk? Are you God’s servant, yet free to do as you please? If you are not walking his path you are not his servant. This is the dilemma the church is in. It wants to say it is his servant, receive all the rewards of being a beloved son, yet walk its own path because it believes it has free will.

If you say you are God’s servant, yet exert your own will, it is called REBELLION and God will not deal lightly with those who rebel against him. Making mistakes, repenting and returning is a different thing, but making decisions for your own life and then pursuing them is pure and utter rebellion. When God puts obstacles in our path, in order to return us to his service, the church calls it the work of the devil and rebels all the more, in exerting its will to overcome the obstacle. It has no idea whatsoever, that it is God who is trying to stop them going their own way; they think it is the devil thwarting their God given rights.

Man has the free will to respond to the call of God, but if he does he has just surrendered his will to God’s will and he had better learn to mold his will to the Father’s thereafter or he will live in rebellion to the Almighty.

Man has the ability, freely, to choose in terms of preference ( mangoes rather than apples, blue rather than black, wine rather than beer), he can choose the words he uses and the way he presents himself in God’s service, but if he really has chosen God, who chose him first, he gave up his free will and the overcoming he is meant to be doing is overcoming the desire to try to get it back, because that is sin.

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