Posted by: forfreedomalone | 06/09/2019

Starving sheep, take heart.

When I first went to a North American church I was astonished at the amount of deafness which seems to affect the people. They shouted at one another and the preacher yelled at everyone. Weren’t hearing aids available in this part of the world? Was there a congenital problem affecting so many people?

In the years since that first, ear shattering, encounter, it seems the problem with deafness is getting worse. Music is louder than a 1970’s disco, preachers yell and foam at the mouth and everyone thinks this is normal. I have never once taught in a church or auditorium when I have not been asked to “Speak up!”. I will not do it.

Scots are, from most of the country at least, soft spoken. We do not need to yell at one another and, I find, that raising your voice just makes people accustomed to higher volume, so in time, they want it louder yet. I know someone whose first action after switching on the television is to turn up the volume. They do it every time they switch it on, so it is only when it is so loud that they get a start when the thing fires up and sound is produced, that they turn it down, in order to start the practice all over again next time.
Christians have become accustomed to this with the spread of the American church and its ways. The occasion on which I had to stay in the carpark for what they called, “the worship service” was in Scotland! Complaint was treated with derision and one person was told that “My god LOVES it”…which god would that be exactly? MY God, when he is interacting with HIS people to teach and call back to him, is not found in the thunder, hurricane or earthquake, he is a still, small voice, who speaks truth with love and is gentle of spirit.

God does not raise his voice to his children. He speaks softly and gently, but do not be deceived that his soft, gentle voice, will not carry correction and warning of impending punishment. His punishment will be found in the thunderous shaking, but his warning will precede it and be soft and gentle.
We have no recorded incidence of Jesus shouting at the people he was teaching, he was never harsh with his disciples He was patient and kind and loving, but when Peter was the one used to tempt him, he was swift and to the point is his rebuke, “Get thee behind me, hasatan!”.

The juggernaut of false teaching has careered through the years, as people have sought to “find themselves”, in Ashrams in the ’50’s; to bring to the world, love, free and for all, in the ’60’s; to reject all the standards and methods of their parents in the ’70’s and ’80’s and now, today, we have a kind of anarchy which no one seems to understand. All the spirits, gathered by seeking truth from the world, have become the spirits which have infected the church and are teaching truth to God’s people. This truth is not Truth at all, but deception. The world has infected the church because the church would not set herself apart from it. Worldly wisdom has replaced godly wisdom, worldly values, replaced godly values and worldly solutions and replaced godly solutions.

God’s sheep are starving, they are thirsty and they have nowhere to lie down. They are muddly and tired, they need a good shepherd to come and take care of them, but the Shepherd says, “My sheep know my voice and they come to me when I call them”. The sheep have for so long been deafened by the din, lead astray and starved that they are weak and wandering, unable to hear his still, small, call. He is saying today, “I will rescue my sheep and I will feed them. I will lead them by still waters where they may quench their thirst and I will feed them in green pastures. They will have lush warm lands to lie down in and rest in peace. My sheep will know my voice and they will come to me when they hear me. But from the shepherds, I will demand an answer, “What have you done with my sheep? Why have you listened to the voices of demons and followed false spirits? You have lead them into idolatry and fornication, you have taught them to worship self instead of me; this is why they cannot hear my voice any longer! Be men, stand up and answer me!”

In that day when I question the shepherds few will stand, many will fall and I will not rescue them. The sheep who have worshipped and followed the evil shepherds, who have not even listened to hear my voice will fall with them, but my sheep who have longed for me to come, I will rescue. They are mine and I will care for them. In the day when I come to my flock I will rescue her and feed her, I will heal her wounds and I will give her rest. They cannot move on with me until they are cleaned and feed on good food.
But woe to the shepherds”, says the Lord.

If you are a sheep, tired, fed up of fast food and sweet rubbish, longing to see your Lord and Saviour come to lead you to good pastures, take heart; he is coming. Incline your ear and listen for his whispering call. He is not far off, he will not tarry, he will come.

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