Posted by: forfreedomalone | 11/09/2019

Wake up, or I will come against you!

Several conversations over the past week have highlighted to me a situation which has concerned me for some years. It is a situation which has long infected the world but is more recent in the church. The issue is self deception.

There is a spirit of deception abroad in the world, but it has been at work there since the beginning. Today, however, it has slithered its way into the church and that concerns me more. God’s people are being deceived as never before in history and, what is worse they are deceiving themselves. This is all a result of not doing as God told us to do and separating ourselves from the world. By integrating into the world and the world into us there is now very little difference. The enormous problem with this situation is that the times and the seasons Jesus told us to watch for are going to be missed by millions who are deceived; in effect blinded, from the truth.

There are several good examples of what is happening on the deception front, but the fact that God ‘s people are being deceived should worry us desperately. The Americans have a President who lies so often that the institutes who have set about counting them say they have difficulty keeping up. Media and institutions around the world are all in agreement about his lying; the fact of the lies, the number of them and the effects of them; but the tendency of media to exaggerate stories to make money has played into his strategy of saying everything they say is ‘fake’ and, in effect, lies itself. So a liar has twisted truth and lies around and millions are deceived and worse, deceiving themselves, by refusing to believe the plain facts, because the people providing the facts have been branded as liars by a liar.

The diversity, inclusion, politically correct movement had deceived nations into believing that if we just force people to behave in ways they approve of we will rid the world of ‘isms’ and ‘ists’. The evil heart of man has never been changed by law and never will be. A hater will hate all the more when you force him to act other than his heart dictates.

In the church, the people are deceived into believing that the spirit which is leading their services is the Spirit of God, when it clearly is no such thing. Every rule of order is being broken, attitudes do not line up with those of our Lord and Saviour and teaching is more and more digressing from the Word. The church has long since left teetering along the narrow path and is dancing along the wide one with the rest of the world.

None of these things should surprise us and nor should, any, in and of themselves, concern us. It is all what we were told would happen. God is in control of it all. Donald Trump is, without a doubt, the man God chose to rule over the USA. Accepting every lunatic notion which passes through the heart of evil man and making it the latest law, is absolutely God’s plan. Having the church indistinguishable from the world was God’s intention from the beginning. The questions we need to ask ourselves are we seeing God’s plans playing out and do we understand what he is doing?

If you allow yourself to be deceived, or worse, deceive yourself you will be blind to what is happening in our day and why. You will be one of the congregation of the Church of Sardis, suddenly shocked out of your apathy by the arrival of a thief. Indeed, we do not know the day or the hour when he will arrive, but we are to be watching, preparing, anticipating his sudden appearing. Deception blinds and turns apathetic those who are victims of it. As Jesus himself said to the church in Sardis “You have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. WAKE UP and strengthen what remains, but is about to die…..If you will not wake up, I will come as a thief and you will not know at what hour I WILL COME AGAINST you”

For those who are asleep, deceived by the ways and wiles of the world he will come, suddenly and unexpectedly, AGAINST them. Not FOR them. Do not be deceived because the word calls those who are deceived, evil. “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

Why does it say that? It says that those who are deceived are evil because their own hearts are hearts of deceivers and they are simply following the lusts of their own hearts. We do not serve God by saying, “God is in charge, Jesus is coming” and being utterly ignorant of what is going on around us. We do not serve God by being aware of every nuance of worldly opinion and action and being terrified. We serve God by being aware, being ready and being educated. It is for his Bride he is coming but do not be deceived, that is NOT everyone who ever said, “Lord, Lord”; it is ONLY for those who are overcoming evil and the evil of today which is blinding believers, so they are not overcoming it, is deception.

Church, WAKE UP!

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