Posted by: forfreedomalone | 27/09/2019

We will be first.

Did you know that to love it is also necessary to hate; to accept it is also necessary to reject?

True love does NOT accept the unacceptable, it rejects it utterly. Love which does not hate what is not love, is not, itself, love.

When we say “God is love” and mean that there is no anger, wrath, punishment or rejection in him, we have altered the very nature and character of God and made him false.

Love, which is truly love, hates sin and evil, rebellion and disobedience, it will pour out wrath on them and destroy them in every place they are found, be it in heaven or in the human heart. Only true love will do this, because only true love knows the damage they do and only true love, loves truly enough to destroy that which came to destroy those love, loves.
It is first upon the objects of true love that wrath, punishments and discipline are poured out, for the purpose of cleansing, refining and purifying. Only when the object of true love is cleansed can love flow, truly, in both directions.

If you have believed the story that God will never discipline or punish you, you have, albeit innocently, believed that he does not love you, despite being told that he does. It is not love to allow the object of love to do as it pleases, rebelling against the instructions of the Master of its soul and believing it will only be blessed for its behaviour. The full force of this reality will fall upon the people of God in the near future and those who will not listen to the warning will wonder what hit them.

If we will not be purified in partnership and co-operation with the fire of God, the same fire will fall upon us to destroy us. If we will not fall on the rock and be broken, that same rock will fall on us and crush us utterly.

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